One Hitters

A one-hitter pipe is a small, cigarette-like pipe that holds enough dry herb for about one hit, hence its name. They are usually made of glass, ceramic or metal and are frequently sold with dugout pipe kits. Glass one-hitters are commonly referred to as Chillum pipes. Check out our selection of one-hitters below and we'll ship it to you anywhere in the US for FREE.

How to Choose a One-Hitter?

One-hitters all basically serve the same function (to provide a small bowl to be consumed quickly), so how do you choose? You can find one-hitters in all different kinds of sizes and made out of different materials, so think about what you want first before you shop. Having an idea of what kind of pipe will best fit you will make it easy to sort through the options and find your ideal one-hitter!

Types of One-Hitters

As we have said, there are a lot of different styles of one-hitters to choose from. Below, you will find the most popular and most common designs, each offering a unique experience. See which one is best for you!

Glass Chillums

A chillum pipe is essentially just a glass one-hitter. Glass is a popular material for smoking pipes because it does not add to the flavor of what you are smoking and they are easily cleaned. Chillums come in a variety of colorful designs and sizes. Chillums are easy to use and great for smoking on the go.

Metal One-Hitter Pipes

Metal one-hitters are often panted to look like traditional cigarettes, which is perfect if you are trying to be a bit more discreet about your smoking. This is also the most common style of one-hitter that is included in dugout pipe sets. They are quite durable but can leave a metallic aftertaste.

Wooden One-Hitter Pipes

Though not as common as other materials, wooden one-hitter pipes are out there! And often they have a metal lining interior, the best have brass. They have a great premium feel and look and offer pleasant tasting-notes, depending on the wood from which the pipe was made. They can be challenging to clean and will require regular cleanings to be kept in tip-top shape.

Silicone One-Hitter Pipes

Silicone is a heat-resistant, durable design that is common pipe styles, not just one-hitters. Silicone will help prevent the pipe from burning your hands and will make the pipe very difficult to damage. Silicone one-hitters are also easy to clean, though flavor-chasers will say the flavor produced by glass pipes is more crisp and clean. Silicone one-hitters are available in a lot of bright, eye-catching colors!

What are One-Hitter Pipes?

One-hitter pipes are hand-held cylindrical pipes with a small bowl for dry herbs on one end. The vapor path is short and direct, making hits from one-hitter pipes strong and hot. They also have smaller bowls than spoon pipes or bongs, so they are great for getting a quick, small smoke in without dedicating your afternoon to a large bowl. One-hitters go by a lot of different names (like chillums), though their core design will be similar regardless of the name you find them under.

Why Buy One-Hitter Pipes?

One-hitter pipes are small and discreet, and metal one-hitters being even more discreet due to looking like classic cigarettes. Since they have small bowls, they are ideal for getting quick smokes in, and their bowls are usually very quick and easy to pack. Overall, one-hitters are just simple, easy to use pipes that are a great place for beginners to start, and where many veterans have landed.