Ice Catcher Bong

Looking to change up your smoking routine? Ice bongs offer a cooler, smoother alternative to traditional bongs and other hand pipes. Available in silicone and glass designs in a variety of brands, ice bongs are easy to operate, maintain, and enjoy. Take a look at what we offer and pick the best ice bong for you!

What Are Ice Bongs?

Ice bongs are just like traditional bongs except for their unique downstem. Instead of a simple hole where smoke can enter the water reservoir, ice bongs feature an ice catcher. The ice catcher holds actual ice, and smoke must pass through the ice in order to reach the water reservoir. The result is a super cool, super smooth hit, even when compared with other water pipes, like traditional bongs and bubblers.

Many ice bongs have both an ice catcher and a percolator, designed to force the smoke to diffuse before you inhale it. When you combine the cooling effects of water with the ice and extra diffusion, the result is an industry-leading taste that veteran smokers swear by.

Ice bongs are available in both silicone and glass designs, and many are compatible with dab nails, which also benefit from the extra cooling from the ice.

How to an Ice Bong?

There are a few major factors to consider when deciding what kind of ice bong you want. The first decision is whether you want a silicone or glass bong. Silicone ice bongs are generally less expensive, vibrantly colorful, and are nearly indestructible. Glass ice bongs are generally more expensive and more fragile, but can be far more aesthetically pleasing and have more of an “artistic” feel to them. Many smokers claim that glass bongs provide a cleaner, crisper flavor, though we have found the differences to be minimal.

The next factor to consider is whether you only want an ice catcher, or if you want an ice catcher built into a percolator. The addition of a percolator usually raises the cost of the ice bong, but it provides a smoother, cooler hit. Should you choose a bong with only an ice catcher, your hits may not be as smooth as they would be with a percolator, but you can still expect exceptionally tasty hits.

Finally, you need to decide what kind of design or form factor you want. Do you want your ice bong to also be compatible with dab nails? Is there a certain color or other aesthetic that you want to have? Do you want a larger or smaller bong? While there isn’t a wrong answer to these questions, you should carefully consider them to ensure you get the ice bong that best fits your smoking needs.

Why Buy an Ice Bong?

An ice bong is a perfect opportunity to enjoy your favorite dry herbs in a new way. Even if you already have a traditional bong, an ice bong provides even tastier and cooler hits than you’re used to. Most basic ice bongs are at a very comfortable price point, so while you may already have a bong, adding a bong with an ice catcher won’t crush your wallet!

We love using ice bongs, and we think you will, too. If you have questions about how to find the perfect ice bong for yourself, reach out to us! We’ll help you narrow down the choices to make sure you end up with the perfect product for you on the first purchase!