Wax Cartridges

Wax cartridges are can turn any vape battery into a wax vape! Fill it with your favorite wax concentrate and connect it to your vape battery and you are well on your way. The cartridges are 510 threaded and are compatible with most vape batteries, though they work best with high-capacity vape batteries. Take a look at the wax cartridges we offer and get to vaping wax today!

What is a Wax Cartridge?

A wax cartridge is a wax delivery system on a wax vaporizer (or dab pen). Basically, it’s an attachment onto a vaporizer that allows someone to vape wax when using that vape. Generally speaking, wax cartridges are much simpler and handier to use than a traditional dab rig. They do not require a blow torch, they do not require a heavy glass or silicone rig, and most importantly they don’t involve combining the two in a relatively uneasy balancing act (especially after a couple of dabs). Most importantly, wax cartridges are relatively small and an excellent, portable size to carry around anywhere.

Wax cartridges work by storing wax inside of them and then using a quartz or ceramic rod to heat up the wax and begin to vaporize it. This operates much like the nail and dab tool combo on a dab rig. Rather than worry about an open flame superheating a piece of metal, the rod is charged with electricity and begins to heat up rather quickly. Quartz tends to heat up and cool down a bit faster than ceramic but ceramic will hold the heat a bit longer than quartz. All around, there is not much more that can be said besides wax cartridges being one of the most efficient wax delivery systems invented.

Types of Wax Cartridges

There are some different type of wax cartridges but they all revolved around the same concept – there is a heating element attached to a battery, a ceramic or quartz rod that will vaporize the wax, and a chamber where the wax will sit in close contact with the rod and vaporize into the mouthpiece to be inhaled. In addition, almost all wax cartridges come in 510 threading which is widely known as an almost ‘universal’ threading. Threading refers to the base of the cartridge and its ability to connect with other similarly threaded batteries. Some different types of brands prefer to use their own threading and some older models that pre-date the ‘universal’ model might not be 510. Make sure to keep that in mind when buying a wax cartridge.

How to Choose a Wax Cartridge?

Choosing a wax cartridge is not too difficult. Certainly easier than choosing a new vape or some other product. Wax cartridges, after all, represent a means to an end and there are a few things that will knock contenders off the list pretty early. First, make sure that the threading matches whatever vape the wax cartridge is going to be attached to. This is super important. Even though cartridges aren’t necessarily expensive by any stretch of the imagination there is no reason to waste money (and more importantly time) ordering something and then having to return it simply because the threading wasn’t a match. Overall, this is the most important consideration. Things like ceramic or quartz rods, while important, are interchangeable and do not affect the performance enough to warrant too much consideration. After all, both work admirably and it comes down to personal preference. Find a cartridge that meets the specific needs of the vape and then make sure that the threading matches and all should be well.

Why Buy a Wax Cartridge?

Wax cartridges make life SO much easier than using a dab rig. While wax is not the only way to go it only makes sense that someone would want to have a less cumbersome (and dangerous) way to enjoy the powerful hits of wax. Wax cartridges are easy to use, easy to replace, low-cost, and super concealable. There is a major mobility factor to weigh in as well. While this might require making a transition to a vape for the first time, given the popularity of wax dab pens, it is unlikely that the transition would be an unpleasant one. Not to mention, the overall cleaning and maintenance requirements are so much easier to deal with than a blowtorch and dab rig combo that someone would have to be nuts not to want to make the switch. It doesn’t mean that a wax cartridge and vaporizer can completely replace the power and awesomeness of a dab rig. It just means that when it comes down to getting a quick rip before bed, chilling, or whatever that a wax cartridge is so much more convenient and better.