Pipe Accessories

Pipe accessories are a great way to make sure your pipe smoking experience is the best it can be. You will find glass screens to keep particles out of your smoke, cleaning supplies to keep flavors fresh, and a variety of products you never knew you needed! So scroll down, browse through our offerings, and grab the pipe accessory that is gonna make your smoke sessions perfect!

What is a Pipe Accessory?

A pipe accessory is something that makes using an herb smoking pipe much easier or enjoyable or both. For example, one common smoking accessory has always been an herb grinder. Without an herb grinder, the enjoyment of smoking a pipe could be significantly less. Another great pipe accessory can be a pipe screen that is helpful in making sure that the ash doesn't fall through the bowl and enter your mouth. Pipe cleaners are another good accessory to have to make sure that the experience of smoking from the pipe is not diminished by bad flavor and resin. Cleaners can also help. There are a bunch of different kinds of pipe accessories that all serve various purposes.

Types of Pipe Accessories

Generally, pipe accessories are usually ‘classified’ by their purpose or function when it comes to using the pipe. For example, pipe cleaners (physically, manual cleaners as well as chemical solutions) would be placed in a cleaning category separate from a grinder or pipe tool that is meant to make the experience of smoking easier and more enjoyable. One group is meant to ensure cleanliness and flavor, the other ease of use and easier smoking. Another common category is simply having a carrying case or a stash. This just means that there is a place where the pipe can safely wait until the next smoke sesh. This can be a smell-proof bag, carrying case, or even disguised as something else.

How to Choose Pipe Accessories?

Regardless of the particular accessory, the generic questions are all the same. As a general rule, an accessory is only as good as the need it is filling. For example, if someone is having a problem with a pipe because it is clogged getting a new grinder won’t really help address that problem. Moreover, the answer as to which particular grinder is better between two of similarly high quality, price, and reliability is ultimately going to come down to personal preference. So, first off someone needs to ask themselves if there is something that is missing from their smoking experience or if there is an accessory available that would make their experience more enjoyable. By answering that question first, there must be some sort of need for an accessory. Next, is researching what kinds of products are available and their respective reviews and reputations. No one wants to buy a grinder that is not going to do its job. Finally, they need to ask themselves if this particular brand, color, or design is going to make them happy. Some people need larger grinders for larger group smoke seshes. Other people need one that is more mobile.

Why Buy Pipe Accessories?

Pipe accessories are not necessary to be able to enjoy a pipe but it certainly doesn’t hurt to look into them. For example, a grinder is not necessary to own but most people agree that it’s almost impossible that a grinder won’t make smoking much easier and more enjoyable. The same goes for different carrying cases or other extra items that can make a pipe easier to use, carry, or clean. At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preferences and needs. Make sure to really think about what would be helpful and then research into the large variety of products available.