2 Piece Grinders

2-Piece Herb Grinders are portable and easy to use. We have a variety of 2 piece grinders for you to choose from. Check out our cool collection item 2 piece grinders. We'll ship to you for FREE in discreet packaging.

How to Choose the Best 2 Piece Grinder

2 piece grinders are usually small and convenient herb grinders that you'll carry around with you. They aren't bulky and easily fit in your pockets. Our Sharpstone 2 piece grinder has the sharpest blades and definitely get the trick done, but we do have some cool stylish 2 piece grinders and a great electric grinder that works very effectively. It boils down to preference and budget. Read about our 2 piece grinders to learn more.

What is a 2-Piece Grinder?

A 2 piece grinder is used to grind up dry herbs. There is no storage compartment or pollen catcher. 2 piece grinders are typically used when preparing to load your dry herbs in a vaporizer or when you're about to roll a joint. Many people like to use a 2-piece grinder before loading their dry herbs into a glass pipe. They're very convenient and much better to use than fingers.

Why Buy a 2-Piece Herb Grinder?

If you own a dry herb vaporizer but don't care about storage or owning a pollen catcher, then a 2 piece grinder is a more suitable grinder for you. If you travel often and want to buy a grinder that can easily fit in your pocket, a 2-piece herb grinder would be the idea grinder to buy. Lastly, if you frequently roll joints or blunts, then a 2-piece grinder makes the most sense to buy. That way you can roll up and get optimal airflow.