Glass Chillum Pipe

Chillum pipes are one of the best ways to enjoy dry herb in a discreet, simple way. They don’t require water, extra parts, and are not complicated to use. They come in a lot of different varieties of sizes and materials and are versatile. Chillum pipes can be found in almost every smoke shop and online. Make sure to check out the huge selection on and remember that all order shipped in the US are 100% FREE!

How To Choose a Glass Chillum Pipe?

The best way to choose a chillum pipe is to go based off of what you need. Some are more concealable than others (even if they are all, generally, fairly concealable) and some have different features that make them better or worse to use for different situations. Think about what you need most and remember that a chillum will be most useful if you buy one based on the individual circumstances and personal preferences you may have.

Bowl Head Size

The bowl head size is going to be a major factor in determining what the chillum pipe can do and how big of a kick it will have. The bigger the bowl head, the more dry herb that can fit into the chillum pipe. Make sure that the bowl head size is appropriate for whatever the chillum will be used for. For more concealable and faster hits a smaller bowl head might work better. For something that can be passed around, a larger bowl head is going to work better.

Size and Design

Chillum pipes, like many other smoking pipes, come in a wide variety of sizes and have different designs placed on them. A chillum pipe can be smaller than a finger or about the size of the outstretched palm of someone’s hand. Some will be less tubular than others.  They can also incorporate a variety of different design concepts that can be found in other types of pipes like patterning or coloring.

Useful or Cool Features

Some chillum pipes come equipped with cool features like color-changing glass or with grips to make them less susceptible to being dropped and shattering (if they are glass). This is something to take into account when deciding what material chillum works best. Most chillum pipes will have something to break up the straight, tubular shape and give something to hold onto. 

What is a Chillum Pipe?

A chillum pipe refers to a pipe that is usually used to be concealable and acts as a one-hitter. These pipes are used for dry herb. Chillum pipes are commonly associated with one hitters and ‘dugout’ pipes. The most popular/common chillum pipes are made of glass although there are lots of options available in different materials like metal or wood.

Why Buy a Chillum Pipe?

Most people will buy a chillum pipe because they want something that can be concealed, carried on the go, and easy to hit when they need it. Most chillum smoking pipes will fit this description. Again, some will have different features and the different sizes will affect how useful they are in different scenarios. Just make sure that whatever your preferences are you have done some research. 

What are the Best Chillum Pipes

What is ‘best’ is going to depend more on what someone prefers. Maybe someone wants a colorful, glass chillum. Maybe the best option is going to be a wooden chillum pipe because the flavor is something preferred. Maybe a color-changing glass or special heady glass designs are the most important. Whatever the specific preferences someone has, this will be what determines the ‘best’ chillum pipe for them.

Color Changing Glass Chillum Pipe

Sometimes simply having a ‘normal’ glass chillum pipe just isn’t enough – not that they are automatically deficient but sometimes something a little extra is wanted. One distinct category of chillum pipe would be the color-changing glass aspect of some chillum pipes. Color changing glass allows a chillum pipe to manifest into different colorings along with the patterns of the pipe. This is because, after increased use, the vaporized metal within the glass reacts to the heat and resin and reflects different amounts of light – changing the color. This is an awesome, inexpensive way to get something a little extra out of an otherwise normal glass chillum pipe.

Heady Glass Chillum Pipe

So, heady glass is definitely a term that one should be familiar with the more experience they have with pipes and other smoking devices made from glass. ‘Heady’ basically means that this is a high quality, ‘awesome’ sort of glass that really makes the product stand out. Sometimes this is because it’s a quality, American-made product. Sometimes, it’s just because a particular artist has placed a unique spin to the construction or patterning on the glass. Regardless of the specifics, heady glass is always referring to a particular glass product having something ‘extra’. Important to note: this additional quality usually translates into a higher price. The same of which can be said for heady glass that is made with unique features or designs.