Gandalf Pipe

There are few pipes that are more popular than the Gandalf pipe (perhaps only the Sherlock pipe). Gandalf pipes are named after the famous wizard from Lord of the Rings, Gandalf (the Grey or White), and the magnificent pipe he smokes in the movies. While this might seem silly, make sure to check out all the other fan-based pipes and gas mask bongs and so much more. However, unlike those items that are merely decorated with lore, the Gandalf pipe actually has a design difference between it and other types of pipes. The pipe has anywhere from a medium to large bowl size and a substantially longer pipe tube than most other pipes. This is the iconic look that people are looking for and referring to when they mention a Gandalf pipe.

How To Choose a Gandalf Pipe?

Essentially, the first thing someone should think about is whether they want one or not. While these smoking pipes are great and function fine, for some this is not as much fun as it is for others. There is nothing wrong with that – the novelty is simply not for everyone.


Make sure to take consideration of the fragility of a Gandalf pipe. They are commonly made of glass and this in and of itself makes them rather vulnerable compared to other pieces. However, within the category of Gandalf pipes, some are certainly more fragile than others. For example, if the pipe tube is much longer and thinner than other Gandalf pipes, there could be an issue if someone is more clumsy. Traveling requires much greater care – if it can travel at all. Not to mention that cleaning will require greater levels of care depending on just how fragile the Gandalf pipe is. Try to find one with thicker, quality glass to avoid any accidental shatters. This doesn’t mean that a Gandalf pipe should be avoided at all costs or not incorporated into a glass pipe collection. This just means that one should make sure to remember the inherent design restrictions for a pipe of this style.

Gandalf Pipe Colors And Designs

While a Gandalf pipe’s style is mostly set in stone, make sure to consider the different sizes and color patterns available. In fact, there may even be an option for color-changing glass depending on the location and inventory available. This is certainly more of an aesthetic consideration as opposed to a functional one.

Gandalf Pipe Bowl Head Size

The size of the Gandalf pipe’s bowl head is going to determine the amount of dry herb that can be used at a given time. This will affect the amount of hits you can get per pack and also the amount of people that can use the pipe. Because of their general appeal, Gandalf pipes might better be served as a social piece. However, this will come down to someone’s personal preferences about what they value more in a Gandalf pipe and the uses they will have for it.

What is a Gandalf Pipe?

Simply speaking, a Gandalf pipe is any pipe that maintains a larger bowl head that tapers into a much thinner mouthpiece, often further away than commonly found in other pipe designs. Made famous by the Lord of the Rings wizard character Gandalf the Grey/White. Between the fandom appeal as well as the sheer beauty and intricacy of these designs, smokers have flocked to these types of smoking pipes and they come in a variety of different sizes and designs/colors.

Why Buy a Gandalf Pipe?

Gandalf pipes are fairly popular due to their exceptional hits, unique looks, and naturally the fan appeal. As pieces of glass, they make wonderful conversation pieces and are also useful because of their excellent performance. Unless someone prefers a particular type of glass pipe like a water pipe or a dab rig, a Gandalf pipe can match and outperform other types of glass pipes.


Gandalf pipes can pack quite a wallop. Particularly if the bowl head size is larger, these pipes are able to store large amounts of smoke for bigger hits due to the long distance between bowl and mouthpiece. Imagine a bong with a bigger chamber to milk hits and a Gandalf pipe functions much the same way. So, if someone wants a more powerful glass pipe they might consider looking into Gandalf pipes.


Gandalf pipes are certainly conversation pieces and eye-catching. Like a Sherlock pipe, there is a unique look to a Gandalf pipe that cannot be understated. Gandalf pipes provide a certain aesthetic and for an avid collector, this is a huge bonus.

Fan Appeal

It would be an injustice to leave unmentioned the sheer amount of fan appeal. Like gas mask bongs designed around a Star Wars Darth Vader mask or Sherlock pipe, Gandalf pipes are able to bring to life the fandom of the Lord of the Rings series. This is an even better fandom purchase because Gandalf performs so well and provide such clean hits.