Glass Pipes

How to Choose Glass Pipes

Glass Pipes have been around for decades.  We’re at a point now that people buy glass pipes based off the artistic look to it.  Of course, airflow is very important too.  To break it down for those who want to buy glass pipes at Vape Vet Store, you got a few different types of hand blown glass pipes to choose from.  You can buy a glass spoon pipe that changes colors over time or you can buy a Sherlock pipe that generally has deeper bowls so you can smoke even more dry herbs at a time.  Then you have two other styles that we classify as a glass pipe, but some people put them in their own category:  Glass Chillum Pipes and our Glass Blunt.  The Chillum pipe functions the same way as a glass spoon pipe, but it doesn’t have a carb hole and it’s a lot smaller.  Most people refer to a glass chillum pipe as a one-hitter.  Lastly, the glass blunt is one of the newest glass pipes out there.  You can pack a bunch of dry herbs in there and smoke it like a blunt.  It tastes better and you can even save it without worrying about your roach clip hardening.  If you want to learn and understand more about our glass pipes, please visit our vaporizer learning center or just click on one of our glass pipes below and read more information about them. 

The Vape Vet Store Ends the Search for Glass Pipes for Sale with Ease!

Our handblown glass pipes are American made and very carefully selected by our purchasing department. We can assure you that all of our glass pipes are made of high-grade borosilicate glass and packaged very discreetly when preparing orders for our customers.  

At The Vape Vet Store, we have a few different types of glass pipes for sale.  Glass Spoon Pipes are the most common design in our store.  The crazy color spoon pipe and ocean spoon pipe are very common sizes amongst our spoon pipe designs.  The largest spoon pipe we have is the Stratus Spoon Pipe XL.  Our customers generally prefer to keep that type of spoon pipe at home since it's a bit big and bulky.  

Our glass chillum pipes are very popular glass pipes for sale in our store too.  we only carry two types of Chillum glass pipes right now: the Forest series and Aqua series. Our customers mainly use this for smoking dry herbs on the go.  If you own a herb grinder, you can basically dip your chillum pipe into the storage section and fill it up quite easily.  

Sherlock pipes have been popular dating back to the days people smoked wooden Sherlock pipes.  Our glass sherlock pipes look more modern and have excellent airflow. One of our top sellers, the Green Sherlock Pipe, has a built in glass screen to prevent ground up dry herbs from sucking through the mouthpiece.  We hope to keep finding more glass pipes with built in glass screens, but not every American producer can do that.  If you want to buy an extra glass screen, you can go to our accessories section and purchase a 3 pack or 5 pack.  Our color changing Sherlock pipe is a really nice piece of art.  As you keep smoking dry herbs with it, you'll notice the color changing more and more.  

Our Glass Blunt has become one of the most popular smoking accessories amongst all hand blown glass pipes.  it's called a glass blunt because it smokes like a blunt.  All you have to do is fill the glass tube with dry herbs and then take the metal part and screw it into the bottom.  That way as you're smoking the glass blunt, you can use the screw to get rid of the ash.  It's a very unique glass pipe and it tastes ten times better than a blunt.  Lastly, you don't have to smoke the whole thing.  You can take a few hits and pass it around and then light it up again later on.  There's a cover to make sure that nothing falls out too.