Wooden Pipes

Who does not like a good old fashioned, classic wooden pipe? The fanciest way to enjoy your favorite tobaccos, you will find all kinds of wooden pipes to choose from below. If cleaned regularly and treated with care, wooden pipes can last for decades! You will find designs ranging from simple bowl designs to more elegant, attractive finishes. Take a look at our offerings and find the wooden pipe that seems to fit your style in just the right way.

What is a Wooden Pipe?

A wooden pipe is simply a pipe made out of wood. Wooden pipes can come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and varieties just like glass or silicon or metal pipes. All in all, wooden pipes are often favored for their rich colors, taste, and their unique feel. The type of wood that a wooden pipe is made out of is going to really affect the flavor profile as well as the feel and look. Moreover, the design of the pipe (like with other materials) is going to affect the performance and usefulness of the pipe in a variety of situations. In general, wooden pipes require a bit of a different (and more traditional) approach to cleaning and maintenance than other types of glass or silicone pipes. This is because the wooden pipe, being grainy and organic, is going to accumulate and absorb the flavors of the things it contacts. So, for example, 420 cleaner is likely not going to be as useful in cleaning a wooden pipe as say a pipe cleaner would. Not to mention, letting resin build up inside a wooden pipe is likely more detrimental than it would be for a glass or silicone pipe because those materials won’t absorb the rubbing alcohol or cleaners after soaking in them. All in all, wooden pipes are classy and have a unique feel and make for an excellent smoking pipe.

Types of Wooden Pipes

As noted above, there are a few different types of wooden pipes. Some related to shape and design, others to material, etc. At the end of the day, most wooden pipes require the same level of maintenance – a higher one than most glass or silicone to avoid buildup – and are not too different in their requirements.

The shape and size of a wooden pipe can vary. Chillum pipes, for example, are straight tubes made of wood and often have a brass (or some other metal) bowl at one end and a mouthpiece in the form of a hole at the other. They are one of the simplest pipes to use on the planet and are straight-forward and easy to clean and use. Simply stick a pipe cleaner through and you are well on your way to a better tasting smoke. Sherlock pipes and more traditional pipe shapes and sizes are in abundance when it comes to wooden pipes. After all, this is really how pipes began in the Western world. So, naturally, there is a tremendous diversity among them. The basics remain the same – there is a bowl (larger than a chillum), there is a carb, there is a mouthpiece, and the mechanics all work the same.

The wood material can also affect the pipe via its flavor profile and durability. Cheap wood products are more susceptible to breaking and are not often sturdy enough to last several years of smoking (or simply heavy use). Moreover, cheap woods can produce a bad flavor that makes smoking more of a chore than a pleasure. Make sure to look at the type of wood used before purchasing a specific wood pipe.

How To Choose a Wooden Pipe?

Choosing a wooden pipe isn’t too bad. For starters, one needs to decide if they actually want a wooden pipe. Make sure to keep in mind the different maintenance needs of a wooden pipe compared to traditional glass or silicone. Moreover, does the idea of not using cleaners appeal? In addition, think about whether or not the wood taste would be a bother. Next, it’s important to decide whether or not there is a wooden pipe shape or design that is appealing. Wood is not nearly as malleable as blown glass and so might not come in the cool shapes that some desire (like animals, trippy patterns, etc). At the end of the day, choosing between a wooden pipe and some other type of pipe is always a matter of personal preference. Make sure to do some research into the specific pipe before clicking “checkout”.

Why Buy a Wooden Pipe?

Buying a wooden pipe is about having status, class, and getting a traditional sort of flavor from smoking. Not to mention having the wooden, grainy feel on the fingers when handling the pipe. It is often a matter of personal preference. To some, the flavor and feel are what make the experience. To others, simply a distraction from the herb. Regardless, a wooden pipe is a great addition to any collection.