Cool Glass Pipes

Interested in getting a glass pipe but want something a little different? This is the place to find cool glass pipes with unique features and designs. Expect anything from swirls, trapped liquid, huge bowls, and more! Any pipes you purchase here come with always-free U.S. shipping!

How to Choose a Cool Glass Pipe?

You need to identify what you are looking for in a cool glass pipe before you can find the perfect one for you. Though you may be tempted to simply grab the first pipe to catch your eye, but that is an easy way to end up with a product that you hate. Maybe the novelty of its special feature wears off, or maybe you get a pipe that looks awesome but does not provide the smoking experience you want. Consider some of the following factors in deciding on what kind of cool pipe you want:

Style of Glass Pipe

It may be fun to have a cool glass pipe, but it will not be much fun if you hate the style of pipe you end up buying. Do you want a large bowl for long smoke sessions, or do you want something smaller that is easier to keep discreet? Consider the style and features you want before looking at cool designs. Common cool glass pipe designs are spoon pipes and chillum pipes. Their simple design allows talented craftsmen to make all kinds of unique and interesting designs.

Cost of Glass Pipe

An easy way to filter out options is simply deciding on a budget. There are really cool glass pipes that can be found in all places of the price spectrum.

Special Features of The Glass Pipe

Aside from the style of pipe, are there special features you want as well? It could be a certain color, a certain kind of design, or even unique features, like a spoon pipe that has a dry herb container built into it. For example, a dichroic swirl is a very popular design for spoon pipes. It usually looks like the stem has been twisted, resulting in a mesmerizing twisted color design. These kinds of visually appealing designs can easily be found with cool glass pipes!

What are Cool Glass Pipes?

A cool glass pipe is just a normal glass pipe that has unique features or designs. They could have glass that changes color when exposed to heat, unique bowl designs, or specially designed glass with a unique look. If you have a glass pipe and are looking for something a little more interesting to show off and use, then a cool glass pipe is exactly what you are looking for.

It is also important to note that cool and unique glass pipes will not always be available. They are often limited-time products or even unique products. So, unlike standard glass pipes that will almost always be available, if you see a glass pipe that has a unique feature or unique design, it may not be available the next time you look for it.

Types of Cool Glass Pipes

Even though many cool glass smoking pipes are going to have unique and features not found on other pipes, they will still fall under some kind of common classification. This can help you narrow your search for your ideal pipe, as well as give you a general idea of the kind of smoking experience the glass pipe may offer:

Glass Chillums

Glass Chillums are a common type of small pipe. They are packed from the front, and are generally designed for only a couple of draws (they are sometimes referred to as one-hitters). They are ideal for traveling or discreet use.

Glass Spoon Pipes

Another common kind of pipe, a glass spoon pipe will have an open bowl that can be packed with a reasonable amount of herb, allowing for several hits. They tend to be larger, anywhere from 4-6 in, making them easy to handle

Glass Steamroller Pipes

Glass Steamroller pipes are simple cylinder pipe with a direct vapor path from herb to lung. They get their name because they provide strong, harsh hits and smokers will frequently feel steamrolled. These pipes are not recommended for beginner smokers.

Glass Sherlock Pipes

Named after the classic look of the pipe of Sherlock Holmes, glass sherlock pipes have deep bowls and long vapor paths. They are ideal for long smoke sessions.

Glass Bubbler Pipes

Glass Bubbler pipes use water as a filter to help deliver a cool, less harsh hit. If you want smoothness while smoking, these are ideal. However, since they are often made of a single piece of glass, they can prove difficult when cleaning.

Glass Bongs

Glass Bongs are similar to bubblers, except they are much, much larger. They are ideal for sharing in a group of friends where large amounts of dry herb will be smoked. However, because of their size, they can often be quite expensive.

Why Buy a Cool Glass Pipe?

To show off, of course! Cool glass pipes can add to an aesthetic that you are trying to cultivate, or they can simply be cool for you or others to look at. Many offer unique features or designs, as well. Consider the following points when thinking about getting a cool glass pipe:

Intriguing Design

The designs of cool glass pipes can be mesmerizing. You can have twisted colors throughout the glass, or you can even have sparkles against a black color. Simply put, they are great to look at. If you hate the idea of having a dull looking glass pipe, this is a great reason to shop for something more vibrant.

Cool Pipe Features

Many cool glass pipes offer unique features that may aid your smoking experience. Some have enormous bowls for dry herbs, others offer novelty features like a container for your dry herbs built-in. Sometimes a unique feature that usually is not present on a glass pipe may have been built in (like a jar) will make the pipe suddenly catch your interest. Browse around and see if any specific pipe calls out to you!

Pipe Uniqueness

Many cool glass pipes are limited runs or even one of a kind, depending on where you buy them. If you like the idea of simply having a design that no one else can have, then you should be looking for a cool glass pipe!

Beneficial Features

This may be features that are not necessarily really interesting or unique, but simply a feature that adds a lot of utility to a pipe. For example, maybe you have avoided spoon pipes because their bowls are too small, but you come across a specialty pipe that handles like a spoon pipe but was custom made with a huge bowl. If there are features on pipes that you do not like, a cool glass pipe may have a custom feature that attracts you to that style.