Color Changing Glass Pipes

Color changing glass is probably one of the most beautiful things you can have on your glass pipe. Basically, the more you use the glass pipe the more that it will change in color. Of course, some of this might be resin but the effects are real and it is truly mesmerizing. After the glass is rotated in metal fumes (of silver of gold) the glass will forever incorporate a color-changing function that makes an excellent addition to any collection or a starter piece – there is no limitation to the different things color-changing glass can be found in. Make sure to check out our online inventory for a wide variety of color-changing glass pieces like glass pipes or glass bubblers. Best of all, all orders in the US ship FREE!

How To Choose Color Changing Glass;

One thing to think about is whether or not color-changing glass is something important. While it doesn’t necessarily cost an arm or a leg more, some people prefer to have a regular glass pipe. That’s perfectly fine. However, for someone that wants some more flair with their fun a color-changing glass product is going to be fantastic. Think about the major preferences you might have and simply add color-changing glass to the list!

Types of Color Changing Glass Pipes

Color changing glass can be found on any number of pieces – pipes, bongs, bubblers, etc. As long as something is made of glass there is a high likelihood that someone can find a version of it with color-changing options. The best part is that in order to have color-changing glass a person doesn’t have to switch over to a type of piece that they don’t like! Whatever someone’s preferences, the probability is high that they can find a piece with color-changing glass to suit their tastes.

Designs and Style of Color Changing Glass Pipes

One of the beautiful things about the variety of types of color-changing glass pieces is the added benefit of having even more types of designs. There is a great deal of variety and diversity in the styles and designs of a color-changing glass piece. Some are basic and just look like tubular pieces of glass, often called a chillum. Others have a more distinct bowl shape and lend themselves well to being used with two or more people. Others have the distinctive Sherlock pipe design that many people choose for their distinct look – particularly unique when made with color changing glass. All told, there is easily a style or design for everyone.

Cost of Color Changing Glass Pipes

Like was mentioned above, color-changing glass doesn’t typically cost more as an option in comparison to a similar make and quality of glass. So, if someone was to compare two smoking pipes or bubblers of the same quality there would be a ton of similarity. So, when thinking about whether or not color-changing glass is something that you might want, make sure to remember that the cost differential is almost nonexistent (and where it exists does not produce that much of a difference).

What is a Color Changing Glass Pipe?

Color changing glass is basically what it claims to be – glass that changes color as the glass is being used. So, for example, normal glass pieces are almost completely translucent (see-through) and have no discoloration. Color changing glass will have a cloudy or foggy look to it. This is because of the process of rolling and rotating the glass through metallic fumes produced when a glassblower vaporizes heavy metals like gold or silver. Because of the presence of the metallic vapor within the glass, it changes color when it reacts to the heat of the flame and smoke. To be clear, there is NO danger using color changing glass. The metal vapors have long dissipated and fused with the glass and are often coated over with even more glass – so there is nothing to worry about as far as taste/flavor changes or adverse health effects. The more the glass piece is used the more the color will change and darken.

Why Buy Color Changing Glass Pipes?

The only real reason to purchase a color-changing glass piece is to be able to have a piece (whether a glass bong, pipe, or bubbler) is because of the novelty of the color-changing glass. Otherwise, there are other pieces that offer other unique design specs and features that will let you have cooler hits or more percolation, etc. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything special about color-changing glass – the idea that it changes color is amazing! The aesthetic and the differences in shades over time is awesome and most people end up purchasing a color-changing piece to keep in their collection or just for fun. Especially because they are an incredibly affordable addition to glass pieces whereas percolators, ash catchers, and everything else tends to add on significantly more in additional expenses.