Atmos Electric Dry Herb Grinder Attachment

Quick Review

  • Takes the pain out of grinding herbs for vaping
  • Grinds more finely than manual grinders
  • Requires Atmos battery (not compatible with 510-thread batteries). Found here
  • Make sure to not overpack chamber while grinding

Atmos Electric Dry Herb Grinder

The perfect accessory for your Atmos dry herb devices

Grind your herbs to perfection in seconds. The Atmos Dry Herb Grinder uses a motorized blade to finely grind your herbs--making them perfect for both combustion and vaping.


Please note, this product requires an Atmos-threaded battery 

Ground herbs vape and combust better


Herbs before grinding

Dry herbs before grinding


Herbs afer grinding

Dry herbs after grinding

Take the pain out of grinding herbs once and for all

The motorized blade leaves herbs finely ground in seconds--perfect for vaping OR combusting