Skull Pipes

The spookiest way to smoke is obviously from a skull pipe! With all the features of a traditional spoon pipe, skull pipes add the creepy aesthetic that you have always wanted. Perfect for Halloween or Dia de los Muertos smoking, skull pipes are a great alternative to smoking out of actual, literal skulls, Take a look at the spooky, scary designs below, and find the skull pipe that you have been having nightmares about!

How to Choose a Skull Pipe?

A skull pipe is really just a smoking pipe with the skull design, so it will help to know what kind of pipe you want outside of the design before you shop. Do you want a skull spoon pipe? A skull bong? A skull dab rig? What material do you want your skull pipe to be made from? Decide what kind of pipe you want first and then see what skull pipe versions of that are available!

Types of Skull Pipes

You can find a skull version of most major genres of smoking pipes available. Below, you can find a brief description of some of the more common skull pipe types you can find.

Skull Bongs

A skull bong is a great, spooky way to enjoy huge hits of your favorite dry herb. Just like a normal bong, a skull bong will use water to diffuse the smoke of the dry herb, creating smooth, cool hits that bongs are known for. The skull design is just the cherry on top of an already beloved pipe design!

Skull Spoon Pipes

Want something a little more handheld? Skull spoon pipes are a popular way to enjoy your dry herbs in the exact style you want! They are commonly found in glass or silicone designs and usually offer large capacity for dry herbs. Skull Spoon Pipes are a great way to change up your smoking style without breaking the bank!

Skull Dab Rigs

Feeling spooky but prefer concentrates over dry herbs? It is not hard to find dab rigs with a skull design, too! All you need is a dab nail and the skull dab rig will take care of the rest!

Skull Bubblers

Want the benefit of water diffusion without having to hassle with a large setup? Skull bubblers are a great way to enjoy the skull style and water filtering all in an easy handheld style. Skull bubblers can be found in glass or silicone styles, so shop around and see if one catches your interest!

What Are Skull Pipes?

Skull pipes are smoking pipes that prominently feature the design of a skull! They can large like skull bongs, or small like skull spoon bowls or bubblers. The skull does not add extra functionality (though it does allow for large dry herb capacity with some designs), but what it does offer is an eye-catching style that many have grown to love.

Why Buy Skull Pipes?

If you like the aesthetic of skulls, then what better way to show it off than with skull pipes! They are easy to find, inexpensive options for smoking with something that is just a little different than what most people will usually see. Regardless if you are looking for something large, small, glass, or silicone, there is a skull pipe that will fit right at home in your pipe collection!