Dark Side Vapes

For a reliable, price-accessible brand, it is hard to beat Darkside Vapes. Offering a product for wax and dry herb vaping, Darkside has multiple solutions to satisfy a variety of vaping desires (including a hybrid model to satisfy both wax and dry herb vaping) Many of their models can be bought here, where US shipping is 100% free, fast and discreet. Grab a great dry herb or wax vape pen from our online store today!

Who is Dark Side Vapes?

Dark Side Vapes is a small vaping brand with a small, but a mighty line of vaping devices. Their three models of vapes, the E-CLIPSE vape for dry herbs, the Saber for wax, and the Ago, which can handle both wax and dry herb, have built a strong reputation for consistent quality and customer satisfaction. The simple, easy to use models are ideal for beginners to dry herbs and wax vaping, and the Ago is ideal for those who find themselves interested in trying both or already know they want a 2-1 device.

How to Choose Between Dark Side Vapes

Oil, Wax, or Dry Herb Vapes?

Dark Side Vapes has 2 models for dry herb and 2 for wax vaping. The best way to choose between them is to determine what kind of vaping experience you want to have. Wax vaping is generally far more potent and dry herb vaping is more of a natural tasting experience. Of course, if you are unable to decide what particular kind of vaping product you want to use, you could always read our product reviews in our vaporizer learning center!

Dark Side Dry Herb Vapes

Aside from the Ago vaporizer pen, Dark Side has a vape that specializes in dry herb vaping: the E-CLIPSE Dry Herb Vape. It is a great portable option, only being 3.75in x 1.5in and its 2200mAh battery will be able to carry you through most heavy vaping sessions. The temperature can be adjusted to your preference as well, with degree ranging from 300 - 435 degrees F. With a simple to use and easy to clean design, the E-CLIPSE has cemented itself as a go-to choice for many vaping enthusiasts.

Darkside Wax Vapes

The Darkside solution for wax vaping is the Saber Vape Pen. The pen allows for three different temperature options to find the optimal temperature for a given wax. It also has magnetic connections so no more worrying about getting wax or other residue stuck in the threading of the pen. The Saber also comes with both quartz and ceramic heating coils, each providing their own unique tasting experience while vaping. For a simple, mess-resistant wax pen, the Saber is a fantastic choice.

Darkside Oil Vapes

Darkside Vapes currently does not carry a vape model that handles oil. This includes e-tanks that can be custom filled, as well as prefilled 510 threaded skinny cartridges. If you are dead set on having a vape that can handle oil, we carry all kinds of quality options to satisfy that need. We recommend starting by looking at SteamCloud Vapes, which has an enormous dedicated line of oil vapes or hybrid oil vape options. If you want some guidance, our customer service can help you find several excellent choices!

Which Darkside Vape is the Best?

Each of these pens offers a specialty towards a specific vaping experience and one really is not better than the other. Your purchasing decision is going to come down to which specific pen meets what you have in mind for vaping. For example, if you only plan on vaping dry herb, there is not much sense in getting the AGO, which is a 2-1 device. Likewise, if you have no idea where you want to start vaping, pigeon-holing yourself into a specific vape product may end up frustrating you.

Darkside Coils and Vape Parts

Darkside coils and vape parts are readily available online, with a large swathe of them being available on this site! Replacement heating coils for the Saber and Ago and replacement mouthpieces for the E-CLIPSE and Ago. If you are interested in having a pen for long-term and want the option to be able to repair and replace parts as they get old, the Darkside brand makes that process an inexpensive, simple one. Remember, all parts bought through us also have free U.S. shipping and a quality guarantee!

Ago vs Saber Pen

How does the 2-1 vape pen stack up against the wax specialist? They both have the same battery capacity at 650mAh, but the Saber allows for variable voltage, whereas the Ago has one standard voltage output. They also have the same diameter, but the Saber slips in at nearly 2in shorter, making transport slightly more convenient. Finally, as we have said, the Saber is for wax only, whereas the Ago can handle dry herb and wax. The Saber also has magnetic connections, helping avoid wax messes.

AGO Vaporizer vs E-CLIPSE Dry Herb Vaporizer

We have mentioned the Ago several times, but how does it stack up against the E-Clipse Dry Herb Vaporizer? The E-Clipse sports a much larger battery at 2200mAh and also allows for variable heating options, whereas the Ago has a single heat setting. The E-Clipse also has an LED screen that details numerous points of information, including battery level, temperature setting, and more. The Ago is designed more simplistically and lacks this kind of screen. Again, two great options that meet different needs and offer different experiences.

E-Clipse Vaporizer vs Titan 1 Vaporizer

The E-CLIPSE Dry Herb Vaporizer and Titan 1 vaporizer are going to offer similar dry herb vaping experiences but there are some subtle differences. The Titan 1 is slightly thinner and longer, resembling a pen more than the E-Clipse. Both have 200mAh batteries and both offer variable heating settings. Unlike the E-Clipse, the Titan 1 has no LED screen, instead having an LED light that changes color based on which of the three temperature settings is chosen. The E-Clipse is best for customization and finding that exact vape flavor you want.

E-Clipse Vaporizer vs Stoner Joe’s Dry Herb Vape

These two vapes offer very similar vaping experiences. The both have 2200mAh batteries, precision heating variability, and an LED display that shows battery life, heat setting, and more. The only notable difference is the physical design of the pens, with the E-CLIPSE taking a more in-the-palm design and the Stoner Joe Dry Herb Vape taking a more traditional pen experience. With similar features and performances, the choice between these two comes down to personal aesthetic.

Where can I buy different Darkside Vapes?

You can buy all three models, the Saber, E-CLIPSE, and AGO, right here on this site! In addition to the models, we also offer a wide variety of replacement parts and coils for all three models as well, making maintenance a simple, one-stop-shop experience. Remember, any product or part bought here goes through several QA checks to ensure that you are choosing from the best of the best in vape models and parts. Take your time shopping, and reach out to us if you have any questions!