Titan 1 Portable Vaporizer Mouthpiece - 2Pack

Vape Mouthpiece Options

The Titan 1 Mouthpiece is a multipurpose mouthpiece that fits other portable dry herb vaporizer devices such as the Kpen, and Gpro.  The mouthpiece comes with a screwable metal filter screen to prevent dry herbs from going through the mouthpiece.  

Listing Includes 

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  • 2x Titan 1 vaporizer mouthpieces  

Add On Options Include 

  • 2 Pack + 4 Screens - 2 Pack of Titan 1 mouthpieces with 4 vape screens. 
  • 4 Pack - 4 Pack of Titan 1 vaporizer mouthpiece replacements. 

Features and Specifications 

  • The mouthpiece is made of Food Safe ABS plastic
  • Each mouthpiece includes a metal filter screen for optimal airflow and protection from dry herbs entering your mouth.   
  • Metal Filter Screens are replaceable
  • The mouthpiece is compatible with the Kpen, Titan I, and Gpro.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to use the Titan 1 Vaporizer Mouthpiece

  1. The mouthpiece is very easy to use.  First, make sure that the metal filter screen is screwed onto the mouthpiece cap.  
  2. Next, using your herb grinder, grind up your dry herbs.  
  3. Place your ground up dry herbs into the heating chamber. 
  4. Snap the mouthpiece onto the heating chamber.  
  5. After the mouthpiece is snapped onto the heating chamber, turn your Titan 1 vaporizer on and set the temperature to the desired heat.  
  6. Once the heating chamber has reached the desired temperature, begin inhaling slowly.  DO NOT inhale too hard.  It's best to take slow and long draws to get the most out of each vape hit.   
  7. After you've finished vaping, make sure to clean the metal filter screen with a cleaning brush.  

How to clean the Titan 1 Vaporizer Mouthpiece

  • Cleaning your Titan 1 mouthpiece is very easy.  All you need is a cleaning brush and rubbing alcohol.  Some people don't use rubbing alcohol, but you can use it if you want to scrub every dry herb particle off the screen.  Just make sure you rinse it several times after using it.  
  • Keep in mind that the metal filter screen will eventually need to be replaced after using the vaporizer many times.  You can only clean it so many times. Eventually, it will be really hard to scrape off the dry herb build up.  If the metal filter screen is too clogged, then we suggest buying more filter screens, which you can purchase in our store.      

How is the Titan 1 mouthpiece compatible with other Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer devices?

  • Customers always ask us how we carry vape parts that are compatible with other brands.  The truth is that a lot of these brands and even our own brands are produced by the same injection mold manufacturers.  The Assembly factory is where products start to differentiate in quality.  Every assembly factory has different quality control system methods.  Our quality control is as thorough as it gets.  We oversee the entire manufacturing operation when our products are being assembled.  We strive to have 100% top quality. When online orders come in, we inspect our products one more time.  Our Fulfillment team will make sure there are no scratches and is ready to be shipped.

WHy buy the Titan 1 mouthpiece?

  • It's always good to have extra mouthpieces when buying a vaping. Sometimes people mistake a clogged mouthpiece with a broken vape, but replacing your mouthpiece is a lot cheaper than replacing an entire vape.