Yocan Vapes

Yocan Vapes is one of the premier leaders in the vaping industry with a special niche focus in wax vaping. This Chinese-based company has been a player in the vaping industry nearly since the industry itself began to develop, and few companies are able to match the quality and versatility Yocan provides to those that love vaping waxes. You can find the best of what they have to offer right here on our site!

Who is Yocan Vapes?

Yocan Vapes is a Chinese based company that has a huge line of vaping products, many of which focus primarily on wax vaping, a quickly growing interest in the vaping community. They have been a key participant in the industry for quite some time, and during their tenure, they have developed and sold a number of vaping devices. While they have retired some of their older vaping models, they have many that still remain a favorite choice among vaping enthusiasts.

How to Choose Between Yocan Vapes

Oil, Wax, or Dry Herb Vaporizers

While Yocan does specialize in wax vapes, they also offer several different dry herb and e-juice vapes as well. Once you have chosen if you want to be vaping waxes, dry herbs, or e-juice, you will then begin to look at the specific features a pen provides, including battery capacity, variable voltage options, and attachment compatibility. Specifically, with Yocan Vapes, you will have far more options to choose from if you choose a wax vape.

Yocan Wax Vapes

The selection of wax vapes Yocan offers is excellent. However, there is no “best wax vape” from Yocan. Instead, you need to assess your specific wants and needs and then find a wax pen that best fits what you want. Yocan offers wax pens that come with ceramic or quarts coils (and sometimes both). They have wax pens, like the Yocan Evolve or Yocan Evolve Plus, that come with the ability to be configured for wax and oil use. They have pens with beefy batteries and smaller pens meant for discreet, portable use.

Yocan Oil Vapes

Just like with wax vapes, the best oil vape is the one that offers the kind of performance and features you want. However, if you are dead set on having an oil pen that is Yocan branded, then your only option is going to be the Yocan Hive 2.0. It is compatible with 510 threaded skinny cartridges, which is the industry standard. Most prefilled cartridges meant for vaping are compatible with this pen. This oil vape also comes with the components for wax vaping, so it is perfect for both!

Yocan Dry Herb Vapes

This is a similar story to yocan oil vapes. You always want to be sure that a vape is going to meet your needs, but a dry herb vape from Yocan means you will be purchasing the Yocan iShred. The launch of this pen had a rocky start, but Yocan has worked hard to rectify those problems and it is now one of the premier dry herb vapes on the market. It comes dry-herb ready, which includes a built-in grinder. A high-quality choice for those looking to dry herb vape.

Which Yocan Vape is Best?

This is a question that can only be answered by you! Yocan offers so many vapes with so many different features, it really comes down to what you specifically want out of a vape. Do not get a vape with a large form factor if you want it to travel easily or be discreet, and do not get a small, tiny vape if you plan on long vaping sessions involving several draws. Make sure the pen you get has the exact features and customization that you want.

Yocan Coils and Vape Parts

One of the great things about owning a Yocan vape is that replacement parts are readily available. If something breaks, you can fix it! No need to shell out cash for a brand new vape. Some common parts to replace (or have on hand for variety) are extra batteries, different kinds of heating coils, and even new mouthpieces. Just make sure the parts you buy are compatible with the specific vape that you have. Yocan parts are available right here on this site, too!

Yocan Evolve vs Evolve Plus

Both of these wax pens are very similar in the overall experience they provide, but there are some important differences. The Evolve has a smaller battery and a smaller overall size. The Yocan Evolve Plus has both a larger battery and larger overall size and comes with a silicon extract container that connects to the bottom of the pen (a simple feature but an extremely useful one). Neither have a lot of customization features, which makes both models ideal for beginners.

Yocan Evolve Plus vs Pandon

The Yocan Pandon offers some customization options that the Evolve Plus does not have, which may allow it to appeal more to seasoned users. It also features two duel quartz coils which allow the user to customize the exact kind of vapor cloud they want to produce. The Yocan Pandon has a larger battery to power more of its power-hungry features. If you like what the Evolve Plus offers in build quality, but want more customization options, then the Pandon is a great wax vape choice.

Yocan Pandon vs Hive 2.0

These two pens are meant to satisfy two very different kinds of vaping enthusiasts. The Pandon is geared towards those who vape wax and want customizable options, whereas the Hive 2.0 caters towards those that want both the ability to vape wax as well as more traditional vaping oils. It has a single quartz coil when vaping waxes and customizable voltage options to more easily experiment with vaping oils at different temperatures. Each of these pens has its own niche specialty, so decide which is best for you!

Yocan Evolve Plus vs Yocan Evolve Plus XL

If you loved your Evolve Plus but just wish it had more oomph behind it, then consider the Yocan Evolve Plus XL. The XL has a larger battery for sustained vaping sessions and features a quartz quad coil (compared to the dual coil of the Evolve Plus). This allows larger vapor clouds to be produced more easily. The XL also allows for airflow to be customized which will affect vapor size and flavor. The XL is ideal for those looking to customize their vape more without being overwhelmed with options.

Where can I buy different Yocan Vapes?

The Yocan vapes discussed in this article (and more) can be bought right here on this site! Not only are Yocan vapes available, but replacement parts for several different kinds of Yocan vapes can be found here as well. Any product we sell has undergone a thorough vetting process to ensure quality and functionality. Feel free to browse around and see the exact models of Yocan vapes we offer and reach out to us if you have any questions!