Wax Coils - Yocan ExGo I and II


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Yocan ExGo II Dual Quartz Wax Heating Coils

Each heating coil is estimated to last 4-6 weeks (depending on use)

The ExGo II coil head features a dual-quartz coil design with two coils and two quartz rods, making it able to handle more wax and get better flavor. However, the coil heads do not work as well with variable volt batteries because the resistance is split between the two coils and, therefore, lower than what is required for most variable volt batteries.

ExGo 2 dual coils can handle even more wax at once


Will These Coils Work With The First ExGo Device?

ExGo II coils are compatible with the ExGo II and Original ExGo I. ExGo I coils are only compatible with the Original ExGo.