Yocan Magneto

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The Yocan Magneto wax vape is equipped with a uniquely designed ceramic coil that will provide the best flavoring when vaping wax concentrates. The magnetic coil tops with an attached dab tool help with both preventing leaks and handling the concentrates in the coil. Get this super convenient and easy to use vape pen today. 

Yocan Magneto Vape Pen Kit Includes 

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  • 1x Magneto Vape Battery 
  • 1x Magneto Wax Atomizer 
  • 1x User Manual 
  • 1x Micro USB Cable 
  • 1x Built-In Silicone Dab Container 

Add On Options Include

  • Kit + 3 Wax Coils - One Yocan Magneto Vape Pen Kit with an extra 3 wax coil replacements. 

Features and Specifications 

  • The Yocan Magneto is used for vaping wax concentrates only. 
  • Battery Capacity - 1100mAh Lithium-ion Battery 
  • Magnetic Vape Coil Connection System
  • Vape Coil Cap is designed to prevent the wax from leaking
  • Vape Battery has a built-in silicone dab container to help store wax concentrates
  • Uniquely Designed Ceramic Vape Coil System 
  • Easy to Use 
  • Dimensions - 112.6mm x 19mm

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use the Yocan Magneto Vape Pen?

  • First, make sure your battery is charged. To turn on the Yocan Magneto, press the power button 5 times rapidly. After turning it on, make sure the wax atomizer is attached to the battery, but keep the coil cap off. Press and hold down the power button. If the vape coil heats up, then your Yocan Magneto vape pen is ready to be used. 
  • Use a dab tool or the dab tool on the coil cap to scoop out wax. Load your wax atomizer with concentrates. Put the coil cap back on and get your vape pen ready to be vaped.
  • Press and hold down the power button. Begin inhaling vapor through the mouthpiece. 
  • When the Yocan Magneto vape battery is dead, it will blink 10 times. 
  • Use the micro-usb to charge the battery. Charging typically takes 2-3 hours. 
  • Use the 2ml silicone dab container to store your wax concentrates. 

How to Clean Yocan Magneto Vape Coils?

  • The main vape part you will have to clean is the wax vape coil. The only way to really clean the vape coil is by continuously heating the coil until the residual wax burns off.
  • You can use a dab tool to scrape off residual wax that's on the walls of the wax atomizer.  
  • DO NOT use any kind of cleaning agent to remove residual wax or debris. 

Why Does My Yocan Magneto Blink 3 Times?

  • If you do not have a wax atomizer attached to the Yocan Magneto vape battery, it will blink 3 times when you press the power button. 
  • If the wax atomizer is attached and the battery blinks three times, then there's a short circuit issue. When there's a short circuit issue, there are some things you can do to identify the issue. 
  • First, you want to make sure that there is no debris on the connection points between the battery and atomizer and coil. If the battery still blinks after that, try screwing on other Yocan Magneto vape coils. If the battery stops blinking, then the problem was that the coil burnt out. If the battery continues to blink after trying all the coils, then you're having a problem with your battery. 
  • In most cases, short circuit issues occur because of a burnt out or defective coil. The reason that this happens to the coil is that the 2 coil wires behind the connection point of the atomizer are touching each other. When the positive and negative wire touch each other, the coil becomes defective immediately. 

Why Buy a Yocan Magneto Vape Pen Kit?

  • The Yocan Magneto vape pen is equipped with a very uniquely designed ceramic coil that allows you to the most optimal flavoring. The attached dab container is super convenient for storing your concentrates. On top of that, the dab tool on the magnetic cap helps with handling the wax. The Yocan Magneto vape pen for wax is an excellent choice if you're looking to buy a wax pen or dab pen. 


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