Handling a Hot Vape Mouthpiece 101

Why does the Vape Mouthpiece get hot?

Why Does Vape Mouthpiece Get Hot?

Vape mouthpieces are integral parts of any vaporizer and will come in as many different shapes and sizes. Each mouthpiece, however, is able to get hot. This is a natural consequence of being located so close to the heating element in a vape and should not cause any undue amount of concern. Moreover, the degree of heat felt will usually vary depending on the type of vape pen and even concentrate used – whether dry herb, oil, or wax. This is an unfortunate reality because of physics. Heat is naturally going to transfer up the heating element to the mouthpiece with the inhalation. Basically, pay attention to the specific characteristics of a vape pen and that will help determine how best to mitigate the heat on the mouthpiece.

Can You Avoid a Hot Vape Mouthpiece?

Can you Avoid a Hot Vape Mouthpiece?

Again, the heat is transferring because of a natural occurrence due to physics. This doesn’t mean that the heat issue can’t be mitigated or made more reasonable. There are different designs and models of vapes that are made specifically to lessen the severity of heat transfer from the heating element to the mouthpiece but that doesn’t mean that there are not other ways. Just remember that no matter what level of design or additional mitigation techniques are used the heat never actually goes away. It will always be there as a natural consequence of physics. 

How to Protect Yourself from Hot Mouthpieces

How to Protect Yourself from the Heat 

Vape Mouthpiece Covers

Mouthpiece covers are often treasured by people who cannot take the heat of their ordinary mouthpiece. The covers are made of silicone and add an extra layer of heat resistance to the mouthpiece. Again, this does not eliminate the heat generated by the vaporizer – on the contrary it only makes it more difficult for the mouthpiece to heat up as quickly. Mouthpiece covers can be an easy, cost-effective solution to having a hot mouthpiece.

Vape Mouthpiece Extensions

Mouthpiece extensions work similarly to the covers in that they add an additional amount of protection but rather than layering on top of the mouthpiece they extend out of the tube itself. Basically, with an extension the mouthpiece’s tube is extended out to add additional distance and reduce the heat. Extensions are another excellent, cheap way to quickly reduce the amount of displeasure someone experiences from a hot mouthpiece.

Replacement Mouthpiece

Another simple way to reduce the amount of heat is simply to exchange the mouthpiece. If someone has an additional mouthpiece they can change it out in between big hits without worrying about heat or burning their mouth.

Efficient Vape Sessions

An important thing to remember is the sheer temperature of the vaporizer. Most vapes operate at or around the 400 degree range – this is some intense heat. It is difficult to mitigate that amount of heat in such a small space. So, one excellent way to reduce the number of times burned is simply to more efficiently vape. Make sure to avoid laying down on the power button too hard and allow some time in between hits. Don’t dry fire the vape and avoid the vaporizer being left on too long in between sessions. Turning down the temperature is not often a good option because it will produce significantly less vapor (if at all).

Cooler Environments

There is bound to be some marginal difference provided by cooler environments. A hot summer day is certainly not helping things compared to a winter night. But, that doesn’t mean the most efficient way to reduce heat issues is to hit a vape pen in a walk-in freezer. 

    Dry Herb Vs Wax Vs Oil

    Dry Herb Vaporizers vs Wax and Oil Vapes – Hot Mouthpiece Comparison

    Remember that vaporizers are all different as a general rule but specifically that the type of concentrate used in the vaporizer is also going to affect the heat issues. While wax and oil, again, certainly have heat problems dry herb is going to cause the most trouble with overheating. This is because dry herb vaporizers hit high temperatures and often act like an oven (convection or combustion) in order to vaporize the herb. Basically, imagine placing a tube into a 400 degree oven and inhaling through that tube. This is the equivalent of what a dry herb vaporizer does when vaping herb. Not to worry, the additions mentioned above help with the heat.

    Where Can I Buy Vape Mouthpiece Sleeves and Extensions

    There are plenty of places to purchase vape mouthpiece covers or extensions. Most vape shops and smoke shops will stock a basic inventory that should accommodate most vapers. However, don’t forget to check out vapevetstore.com for a wide variety of products and deals and remember that all orders shipped in the USA come with 100% FREE SHIPPING!

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