Wax Cartridge 510 Thread

Cartridge Options

These re-usable wax cartridges work great with any 510 thread vape battery or box mod. They are also compatible with our SteamCloud Mini 2.0 vaporizer. Buy one of these wax cartridges so you can enjoy on the go wax vaping. 

Wax Cartridge Listing Includes 

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  • 1x 510 Thread Wax Cartridge 
  • Choice of Cartridge Options

Features and Specifications 

  • Easy to Use 
  • Excellent Airflow 
  • Can fit with a variety of 510 thread vape batteries. Whether it's an EVOD style or Box Mod, this cartridge is compatible with most 510 thread batteries. 
  • Dual Quartz Coil Atomizer Dimensions - 2 1/4 inch Height - Unscrews in two places for easing loading and cleaning. 
  • Single Quartz Coil Atomizer Dimensions - 2 1/4 inch Height - Unscrews towards the base for easy loading and cleaning. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to Use a 510 Thread Wax Cartridge?

  • This 510 thread wax cartridge is super easy to use. All you have to do is unscrew the bottom part so that you can easily use your dab tool to load the wax concentrates onto the quartz coil. Make sure not to poke at the coil. You want to gently place your concentrates on top. 
  • Once your cartridge is loaded with wax, you may screw it back together and then screw the cartridge onto your 510 thread vape battery. Turn on your battery and then press and hold down the power button. Lightly Inhale your vapor while holding down the button. 

How to Clean a 510 Thread Wax Cartridge?

  • There isn't much you can do to clean the wax cartridge. One thing we recommend is to make sure you burn off all the residual wax after you've finished each vaping session. That way you'll prevent the coil from having too much resin build up. 

Why Buy a 510 Thread Wax Cartridge?

  • You should buy this 510 thread wax cartridge because it fits almost any 510 thread battery and it's super easy to use. If you enjoy vaping concentrates and you already own a vape battery, then buy this wax cartridge and you'll be able to vape wax whenever you want.