We have a wide variety of dry herb vaporizer pens available in our store mainly because people have so many different vaping preferences.  One of our newest and most unique dry herb vapes is the Yocan iShred.  It has a herb grinder attached to the bottom, as well as a stirring tool attached to the mouthpiece to make it easier to vape all your dry herbs efficiently.  If you don't care about that kind of functionality, go with the E-Clipse Vaporizer.  It heats up very fast and has extremely long battery life, explaining why it's more expensive.  If you want a cheaper alternative, but still has a fast heating time, go with Stoner Joe's Vaporizer.  It's small and portable too.  Lastly, if you're looking for true vaporization, but don't care about digital temperature control, we suggest ordering the Apex Vaporizer.  

For those who are looking for a vape pen that functions like a portable pipe (meaning there's combustion), we have a couple suggestions.  First, the Yocan 94F dry herb atomizer has a very large heating chamber and you can get powerful hits with it.  If you want something smaller, you can use the AGO G5 or Atmos Jr vape pen.  What's good about these types of vapes is that you can put a glass screen on top of the coil to prevent immediate combustion.  So basically if you want to have some vapor, use a glass screen in the heating chamber.  If you want your dry herbs to taste as if you're smoking a glass pipe, then just place your dry herbs in the heating chamber without a glass screen.