How to Choose the Best Wax Pen

by Nick S. December 05, 2018 6 min read

How to Choose the Best Wax Pen

How To Choose The Best Wax Pen

Wax vape pens, otherwise known as dab pens or shatter pens, have become very popular in the last few years. There are many different types of portable wax vaporizers so it can be difficult to find the best one. We’ll sort you out by breaking down the key differences between wax vaporizers so you can get one that is just right for you.

First, choosing the type of vape coils in your dab pen is one of the biggest decisions. You can choose a single rod ceramic coil, single rod quartz coil, ceramic donut coil, pancake coil, dual quartz coils, or even quad quartz coils. Another important deciding factor is battery life. You can find wax vaporizers with battery capacities from 360mAh to 1600mAh. As you could imagine, a dual quartz or quad quartz atomizer requires much more power than a single coil so these dab pens will come with larger batteries.

Out of all of our wax pens, the Yocan Evolve Plus, Yocan Evolve Plus XL, SteamCloud Box Mod, and Yocan Pandon have the strongest batteries. In terms of quality, heat capabilities, and functionality, the Saber Vape Pen is the best compact vape pen on the market. It features all magnetic connections, simplifying loading, cleaning and replacing coils. However, if you want full dab-rig like rips, the quad-coil Yocan Evolve Plus XL and Yocan Pandon are the hardest hitting pens.

For those who prefer a smaller vape pen, we suggest getting a pocket vape pen with either a single ceramic or quartz coil. You could also buy an AGO G5 Junior if you really want a compact option. To learn and understand more about each dab pen or wax vape pen, please visit our vaporizer learning center or click on any of these vaporizer products to read more about them.

What is a Wax Pen?

What is a Wax Pen?

A wax vaporizer or dab pen is a battery-powered, handheld device used for ingesting shatter, crumble and other wax concentrates. These vapes don’t work as well with drier concentrates. As drier concentrates are less pure, they will leave more residue on the coils and you’ll have to replace these coils sooner. As mentioned before, wax pens range from tiny 4-inch single-coil pens with limited features to full-featured, quad-coil, mini dab rigs that will blow your mind. We told you choosing the type of coil is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when buying a shatter pen but you’re probably wondering what we were talking about. Next, we’re gonna explain exactly what coils are and the differences between them.

What is the Difference Between Quartz and Ceramic Coils?

What is the Difference Between Quartz and Ceramic Coils?

When we say quartz coilor ceramic coil, this is a small rod made of either quartz or ceramic and wrapped with nickel or titanium wire to transmit heat. Most wax pens use nickel chromium alloy wire. The energy is transferred from the vape battery to heat the quartz or ceramic to a high enough temperature to vaporize a concentrate (wax, sauce, shatter, crumble). Quartz coils are our personal favorite to use when vaping shatter because they heat up quickly, cool down quickly and provide excellent taste. Ceramic coils also provide equally tasty hits (some say better but we’re pros and can’t taste the difference) but take slightly longer to heat up and cool down. We’re talking a matter of seconds here so most users don’t mind the slower ceramic. Since ceramic also maintains its temperature longer, make sure to stop heating ceramic coils a little earlier.

We’re going to be mentioning ceramic in terms of coils and in terms of the material of the chamber. Most quartz-coil vaporizers will have a ceramic dish or fully-ceramic chamber where the coils sit. This does notmean the coil is made of ceramic.

Our Pocket Vape pen comes with a funnel-style ceramic dish that has a nickel coil wrapped around a quartz rod. This provides great taste, but if you want to get even more power from your wax vape, use the Yocan Evolve, Evolve Plus, Evolve Plus XL, or Pandon vape pens. All these use quartz coils that sit in a ceramic dish. The Evolve and Evolve Plus feature dual quartz coils, which will burn your shatter or wax more effectively and provide larger, tastier rips. If you want massive rips, the Evolve Plus XL’s quad quartz coils vape twice as much shatter or wax as the Evolve and Evolve Plus in the same amount of time. Using a single quartz rod vapes fine, but if you want to those huge clouds, using dual or quad quartz coils is the way to go. Another way to get huge wax vape hits is to use the SteamCloud or other variable voltage box mod with the Yocan Cerum wax atomizer.  Our powerful Yocan Pandon is another great option, which features two heating chambers, each with dual quartz coils that gives a vape experience similar to the Evolve Plus XL but with the added feature of variable voltage.

What is a Wick Coil?

What is a Wick Coil?

Wick coils were the first type of vape coils designed for shatter or wax. A wick coil is a nickel coil wrapped around a cotton wick (as opposed to quartz or ceramic). This type of coil is still very popular today. The Yocan Mak 2-in-1 vape pen and AGO G5 wax pen both use wick coils. While many of our customers are happy with their wick coils, critics argue it doesn’t provide the same pure taste that you get with ceramic or quartz coils. You also don’t get the power that quartz and ceramic coils provide.

How to Use a Wax Vape Pen

How to Use a Wax Vape Pen

Wax vape pens are pretty easy to use. The most difficulty you’ll have is loading the dab pen. When loading a vape pen for wax, it's important to use a dab tool to load your shatter, wax, or sauce in the heating chamber.  Scoop a small piece of the concentrate with a dab tool. Depending on the liquidity, you may be able to let wax or sauce drop onto the coils. Otherwise, gently place the shatter or crumble onto the vape coil or coils. Once you've loaded a small amount usually about the size of a grain of rice), you can close up the vape pen, press and hold the power button. Of course, you can load a bit more concentrate with quad coil wax vape pens. If you’re using a more liquid substance, start inhaling as soon as you press down the power button. For more solid shatter, wait a second or two before you start inhaling. When first starting out, don’t hit this as you’d hit an oil vape. Just take a couple second pull as these shatter pens tend to hit harder than oil pens. Some wax vape pens, like the Evolve Plus XL, have an airflow control valve. Twist this open to let in more air, providing massive dab-rig like hits. This is not for the amateur dabber. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

How to Charge a Wax Vaporizer Pen

There are a couple types of chargers for wax vape pens.  The first type is the micro-USB style which can fit in most portable vaporizer devices.  Wax vaporizers such as the Pocket Vape Pen, Yocan Pandon, and Yocan Evolve Plus (XL) use this type of charger.  Then there are USB chargers with Atmos threading or 510 threading.  The AGO G5 JR and AGO G5 Wax Pen require an Atmos-threaded USB charger so don’t lose the one that comes with your wax vape.  510-threaded battery chargers only fit 510-threaded batteries.  They look very similar to Atmos-threaded chargers, but a 510-threaded battery won't fit in an Atmos-threaded charger.  

How to Clean a Wax Pen?

Thankfully, there isn’t too much cleaning necessary with shatter pens if you follow some simple rules. First, don’t overfill the chamber. Secondly, always keep your wax vape pen upright, especially right after use and while there is still concentrate in the chamber. Following these two guidelines will prevent wax from leaking outside the chamber and making a mess that won’t be fun to clean. If you’re are often absent-minded or prone to accidents, save yourself a headache and buy one of the Yocan Evolve wax pens. They all feature a smart coil cap that prevents leakage. With normal use, the best thing you can do to clean your pen is continue to heat up your vape coils until all the residual shatter or wax is burned off.  Once you've done that, you can also scrape the walls of the heating chamber using a dab tool. If you do this, be careful not to press against the vape coils as they can be damaged easily. Most users will just replace the coils when there is too much build-up.  This is why we usually sell ceramic or quartz coils in packs of 3 or 5. They are pretty inexpensive and you’ll get fresher tasting coils.

How to Fix a Wax Vape Pen

How to Fix a Wax Pen

The most important thing to know about wax pens is that the coils will burn out eventually. Under heavy use, they will typically last around two months. If you don’t use your shatter pen that often, the coils could last six months to a year. It’s always a good idea to test your coils before loading your pen, especially if you think they are almost toasted.

Thankfully, coils are easy to replace. In most wax vapes, just pop off the mouthpiece and unscrew the heating chamber containing the coils. Screw in the new coils and you’re good to go!

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