Blue Glass Globe

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The Blue Glass Globe is a pretty standard size for glass globe atomizers. This particular glass globe is blue and is made of high-quality borosilicate glass. The mouthpiece is designed for optimal airflow. You can easily fit this globe onto a 510 thread coil attachment and original micro g pen coil attachment. Get one of these unique colors before we run out. 

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  • 1x Blue Glass Globe (Coil and Atomizer Adapter Not Included)

Features and Specifications 

  • Globe is made of high-quality borosilicate glass
  • Metal Mouthpiece is designed for optimal airflow
  • Globe is used mainly with wax vape coil attachments. 
  • You can use dry herbs in a glass globe if you have a dry herb coil attachment. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

    How to use a Blue Glass Globe

    • Using a Blue Glass Globe is very easy. Before using it, you want to load wax onto your coil. Next, place the blue glass globe over the coil. Press and hold the power button on the vape battery.  After two seconds, begin inhaling vapor. 

    How to Clean a Blue Glass Globe 

    • Cleaning the blue glass globe is really easy.  You have three ways you can clean it. 1) Use 420 Cleaner to quickly remove residual wax. 2) Was the blue glass globe by hand and 3) Use a dishwasher to clean the glass globe. 
    • If you use any kind of cleaning agent, make sure to thoroughly rinse afterward. 

    Why buy a Blue Glass Globe?

    • A Blue Glass Globe is a cool color and comes with a mouthpiece that has optimal airflow. Owning a blue globe will make your wax pen look different than other glass globe vape pens. You don't need to replace the whole atomizer to get a new globe. You can just buy this blue one and it'll fit right onto your coil, whether you got a 510 thread battery or original micro g pen battery. 


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