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How to Choose a Vaporesso Vape?

Like with many things in life, the best Vaporesso vaporizer is going to be the one that best fits your lifestyle. Vaporesso manufacturers a large variety of vapes, anywhere from small pen vapes to eye-catching vape mods. What kind of vape works for you? Do you want something small and discrete? Do you need power and flexibility? Do you just want a vaporizer that is simple and easy to use? Vaporesso has something for everyone. Take note of what you want, and then see which product best fits you!

Types of Vaporesso Vapes

Vaporesso has a lot of vaporizers to choose from. If you are a newcomer to the brand, take a look below at some of their most popular options. We wager you will find something you love!

Vaporesso Luxe Vape

The Luxe Vaporizer (available in the S or Nano model) looks and performs like a premium vaporizer. They both feature large touch-screens that offer a bounty of vaporizing options, including temperature ranges, battery information, resistance settings, and more. The Luxe S is powered by two 18650 replaceable batteries, whereas the Nano has a built-in 2500mAh battery. They both offer similar experiences, with the Luxe S offering a slightly more premium (and expensive) experience.

Vaporesso Revenger

The Revenger (also available in X and Mini models) is another sleek, high-quality vape that offers a slightly more compact experience than the Luxe. The chipset in both the X and Mini is slightly more dated than the Luxe, so the availability of features will be less. However, you can still expect a very full-featured vape from the Revenger, and you will still have a large touch-screen experience to easily choose and navigate the vaping options you chose. And like the two models of Luxe vapes, the Mini has a fast-charging built-in 2500mAh vape, whereas the X uses two replaceable 18650 batteries. Both are available in some really cool designs!

Vaporesso Swag

The Swag offers power, portability, and great features at a much more comfortable price point for many customers. It uses physical buttons for powering on, firing, and changing options, and is powered by a single replaceable 18650 battery. There is a small OLED screen that shows what options you have chosen as well as information like battery level. The Swag a “flash heat” feature that brings the device up to heat quickly for nearly instant full-flavored vapor.

Vaporesso Tarot Nano Vape

This little box mod has features that make it feel anything but small. Though it is quite compact, making it great for travel, the Tarot Nano still offers a full-featured experience. Both the wattage output and the resistance range can be customized, and information is displayed on an OLED display. It packs plenty of power with a 2500mAh battery, making it an ideal option if you want easily portable and powerful while compromising neither.

Vaporesso Gen

If power is your number one priority, you will be pressed to find a better option than the Gen. It can generate up to 220W! The Gen is powered by two 18650 batteries, but it is not just all about power. The Gen features a “pulse mode,” which means instead of firing once and producing vapor, it will continuously fire (up to 500 times in a puff), making sure that the vapor produced at the end is just as full of flavor as the first bit of vapor to hit your mouth. Wattage and resistances are customizable, and those options (along with other information) are displayed on an OLED screen. The Gen was designed to be simple and easily approachable, making it a great choice for beginners who want to start off with a bang!

What is a Vaporesso Vape?

Vaporesso is a subsidiary of SMOORE, which has been in the vaping for nearly 14 years. That experience is shown in the Vaporesso e-juice and liquid vaporizers, as you can expect high-quality builds, replaceable parts, and great product choices from even their simplest, lowest end vapes. Vaporesso specializes in box mod type vapes, but you can find a litany of products from them, including pod and pen vapes.

Why Buy a Vaporesso Vape?

When you buy a Vaporesso vape, what you are really buying is a product with nearly a decade and a half of expertise built-in. Vaporesso vaporizers are built with a huge amount of features (even the smaller, less expensive box mods). In most Vaporessor products, the heating element can be replaced, so if you have a box mod with replaceable batteries, you have a product that could last for years. Finally, Vaporesso offers some of the best looking designs available on the market, including large touch-screens that add both function and an attractive aesthetic to your vape!