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This spoon pipe is one of the most unique glass pipes available in our online shop. It's hand blown in the USA and comes with a built-in herb jar so you can easily store your dry herbs. The airflow is excellent and the pipe has a deep bowl designed for packing large amounts of herbs. Get one today and we'll ship it out to you for FREE. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How to Use the Glass Pipe with Built-In Herb Jar?

  • First, you want to take some dry herbs out of the storage section and then use an herb grinder to grind everything up. 
  • Before packing your bowl, you can insert a glass screen in there to prevent ash from being sucked through. 
  • Next, pack the bowl, but don't pack it too tightly. Otherwise, it will be more difficult to inhale.
  • Hold the spoon pipe in one hand and a lighter in the other hand. Make sure to use your finger to cover the carb hole on the left side of the pipe. 
  • Light the spoon pipe and make sure to simultaneously inhale.  Once you feel like you've inhaled enough smoke, release your finger from the carb hole and inhale the rest. 
  • Continue smoking until all of the herbs turn to ash. 

How to Clean the Glass Pipe with Built-in Herb Jar?

  • There are two methods for cleaning the glass pipe with built-in herb jar. One way to clean it is by using 420 cleaner. That method will help you clean your glass pipe in seconds, whereas soaking the spoon pipe in boiling hot water will take a lot longer. If you soak it in boiling hot water, you'll also need a q-tip to scrape off the resin. 
  • Both of these methods definitely work, but one is more laborious than the other. 

Why Buy A Glass Pipe with Built-In Herb Jar?

  • Easy Answer. This is one of the most unique glass spoon pipes that you'll find today. On top of that, the built-in herb jar is super convenient. This smoking pipe is a great addition to your glass collection. Get one of these today and show it off to your friends.