Electroformed Dragonfly Glass Pipe

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This high-end glass spoon pipe was designed by Cherry Glass, who is a famous glass blowing artist in the US.  This spoon pipe was made with an electro-formed dragonfly with Swarovski crystal eyes and a 4:20 clock electro-formed to the end of the bowl.  If you like to collect unique hand blown glass art that's made in the US, buy this smoking pipe now before we sell out.  

Listing Includes 

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  • 1x Electro-Formed Dragonfly Glass Pipe

Glass Pipe Features & Specifications

  • Design Concept - Spoon Pipe Features a once living dragonfly that has been electro-formed to the pipe for a second chance at life in the form of art.  
  • Artist / Glass Blower - Spoon Pipe was designed and made by Cherry Glass from Northern Minnesota (@cherryglass)
  • Excellent airflow quality and perfect carb hole location
  • Dragonfly has Swarovski crystal eyes 
  • Clock that reads 4:20 is electroformed to the end of the bowl
  • Length - 5.5 inches long

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to use the Dragonfly Glass Spoon Pipe?

  • You can use this electro-formed spoon pipe like any other smoking pipe.  
  • Use your herb grinder to grind up your dry herbs.  
  • Load your dry herbs into the glass bowl.  
  • When the dragonfly pipe is in your hand, make sure your finger is covering the carb hole. 
  • Begin lighting your glass bowl and breathe in as the dry herbs are being heated. 
  • As you're breathing in, you may slowly release your finger from the carb hole so you can inhale and take a hit.
  • Once you're satisfied with your hit, use your light to put out any heated dry herbs so it's saved for the next person.  

 How to clean the Dragonfly Glass Spoon Pipe?

  • For most of our glass pipes, we tell people to put the glass pipe in boiling hot water and then you'll be able to clean everything out.  When it comes to this electro-formed dragonfly glass spoon pipe, it would be better if you were more careful with it.  You can use 420 clean, but try only using it with the inside of the spoon pipe. We're only saying this as a precaution.  If you think it's fine to put it in boiling hot water, then that's at your own risk.  Same goes for 420 cleaner usage.  

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