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Ohio Valley Glass designed and created a funky looking glass Sherlock pipe that can stand up and look like a cool glass paper weight instead of a Sherlock smoking pipe. If you're someone who likes to present their collection of glass pipes, then this particular Sherlock pipe would be able to stand discreetly without your guest knowing exactly what it is.  This hand blown pipe is made with glass that you can see through and check how big of a hit you're taking.  There are no duplicates to this Sherlock pipe.  Each one is either a different color or has a slightly different shape or design.  

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  • 1x Sherlock Pipe by OhioValleyGlass

Features and Specifications

  • MADE IN THE USA by Ohio Valley Glass (@OhioValleyGlass)
  • Marble Design is for allowing the Sherlock pipe to stand up more artistically and the marble also functions as a special grip to the hand pipe. 
  • Easy to use and is Aesthetically Discreet. 
  • Carb hole is positioned on the left side of the glass bowl 
  • Height standing straight up - 4.5 Inches 
  • Pick the color that suits you best

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I use the Sherlock Pipe by Ohio Valley Glass?

  • What makes this hand blown glass Sherlock pipe unique is that you can stand it up on your desk or in your living room.  From a far distance, it's really hard to notice what this piece of glass art is.  So in that way you can use it as a paper weight or even just a nice visual piece on your shelf.  
  • If you're interested in smoking dry herbs from this Sherlock pipe, then we suggest using an herb grinder so that you can pack an optimal amount of dry herbs into your glass bowl.
  • Once you've ground up your dry herbs and packed the bowl, you can sprinkle some kief on top and then put the Sherlock pipe in a comfortable position so that you're ready to smoke it.
  • Most of you know this already, but for the beginners out there, make sure that you gently rest your finger over the carb hole so that you can fill the pipe with smoke.  
  • When your Sherlock pipe is ready to go, begin lighting the corner of the glass bowl with your lighter and breathe in as the dry herbs are burning.  Slowly release your finger from the carb hole and quickly inhale all the smoke so that the pipe is clear.  
  • Once you're satisfied with your hit, you may put out any existing flames with the opposite end of your lighter.

How to Clean a Sherlock Pipe made by Ohio Valley Glass

  • Cleaning a glass sherlock pipe is super easy if you're using 420 cleaner. It'll clean in minutes. An alternative method would be using boiling hot water. If you leave it in the pot for several minutes, the resin should come off pretty easily. Keep in mind that you'll need q-tips and/or cleaning brushes to scrape the resin off the inside. We suggest using 420 cleaner because it's ten times convenient. 

Why buy a Sherlock Pipe made by Ohio Valley Glass?

  • Ohio Valley Glass was very clever when they designed and made this Sherlock glass pipe.  The marble stone on this hand pipe has two functions to it.  First, you can stand the Sherlock pipe upright so it isn't rolling around.  What's cool about the position when it's standing is that it doesn't look like a smoking pipe from away.  It's definitely a discreet looking glass pipe.  The other function of the marble stone is that it provides extra grip for holding the hand pipe while you're smoking it. 
  • Uniqueness is very important when buying glass pipes.  Once you buy one of these Sherlock pipes, NOBODY else can get the same one.  Every Sherlock pipe we sell is slightly different from each other, whether it be the color or shape.
  • This is American made authentic hand blown glass art.  NOT REPLICAS. Support our artists and become a collector of their work.  

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