G Pen

G Pen prides itself on making vape pens that are not only extremely simple to use but are also great to look at! Many of their models have either one button or no button at all, while others offer customizable features, like precision temperature control, which is great for dialing in your preferred vaping experience. Be it oils, waxes, or dry herbs, G Pen has an easy-to-use device that would fit right at home with you!

How to Choose a G Pen Vape?

G Pen vaporizers offer a little something for everyone. They have liquid, dry herb, and concentrate vaporizers, so the best way to pick is to decide what you want first! Which material are you interested in vaping? Do you want something with extra battery power, or would you prefer something sleek and discrete? Narrowing down what you want out of a vaporizer before shopping will make it easier to narrow down your G Pen choices!

Types of G Pen Vapes

G Pen offers a lot of vaporizers that offer unique experiences. Some are for liquid, some for dry herbs, while others are for concentrates. Below are some of the most popular options offered by G Pen covered all different kinds of vaping specialties.

Snoop Dog G Pen

This vape pen has been designed by Snoop Dogg himself to provide a top-tier dry herb vaping experience. The body of the vaporizer features his engraving and custom style. The Snoop Dogg G Pen features a one-design, so it is a great option for beginners to dry herb vaping. It includes plenty of accessories to help keep your vaping experience feeling premium, including mesh screens, cleaning brushes, and glass sleeves.

G Pen Connect E-Nail

The G Pen Connect is a high-end e-nail (or electric dab nail). You will need to have the glass pieces of a dab rig to get the best use out of it (think a percolator or other water filtration system). The Connect has three temperature settings and uses a ceramic heating element to deliver crisp, clean flavor. It’s powered by an 850mAh battery, so the Connect can easily be used on the go.

G Pen Elite Dry Herb Vaporizer

The G Pen Elite is dedicated to dry herb vaping and does it extremely well. It boasts one of the largest ceramic heating chambers available in dry herb vaporizers (0.11 cubic inches), letting you refill less and enjoy your vaping more. The Elite reaches heat in about 30 seconds and supports precision heating options from 200-428F. The battery level, heating choices, and more are displayed on the built-in LED screen.

G Pen Nova Wax Vape

The Nova is a fantastic choice for discrete, easy vaping of concentrates while on the go. The body is slender and sleek, making it easy to pack. The 350mAh battery supports three different heating settings, and the ceramic heating element provides great tasting vapor. The concentrate tank is 510 threaded, so if you have a different tank in mind it will likely be compatible.

G Pen Gio E-Liquid Vape

The Gio is a liquid vape pen designed for use with Gio cartridges. The Gio comfortable fits in your hand and uses draw-firing for buttonless activation. It is powered by a 180mAh battery which will make for long-lasting vaping on the go. A simple, easy to use vaporizer that is perfect for entry-level users.

Micro G Vape Pen

For one of the most discrete concentrate vaping experiences you can, the Micro G Pen lives up to its name. It is only 4in long, easily fitting in the palm of your hand for easy use. The Micro G Pen is powered by rechargeable, replaceable batteries, and is designed for easy loading. Please note that Micro G Pens have been discontinued and are not for sale anymore.

G Pen Pro Dry Herb Vaporizer

The Pro is another dry herb vaporizer that is a fantastic choice if you do not need the robustness offered by the Elite. The Pro supports three different temperature settings and a fully ceramic heating chamber to deliver the cleanest-tasting hits. Easy to handle, easy to use, and a full-flavored experience is what you can expect from the Pro.

What is a G Pen Vape?

G Pen dedicates its product line to straightforward designs that offer a high-quality experience. This is true for their higher-end products, like the Connect, and their budget-friendly options like the Gio. G Pen has largely dedicated itself to concentrate and dry herb vaping, offering several fantastic options for each. If you want options in dry herb and concentrate vaping and a simple design that does not compromise in vapor production or flavor, the G Pen line looks to be a great fit!

Why Buy a G Pen Vape?

The dry herb vaporizers offered by G Pen are simple and easy to use. They also use convection heating, meaning that the dry herb never burns, producing genuine vapor (not smoke). This, in addition to their ceramic heating elements, provides one of the best tasting vapors provided by dry herb vaporizers.

The story is much the same with their concentrate vaporizers. Regardless if you are going for power or portability, the designs are easy to use even for beginners, but loyal customers continue to come back for the consistent, high-quality flavor they produce. The G Pen line is a great entry point for new users as well as a great landing spot for those concerned with an easy experience that offers great taste.