Flowermate Vapes

Flowermate Vapes offers an enormous catalog of vapes across the spectrum of available distillates, many of which you will find right here on this site! Regardless of what kind of Flowermate vape you choose, you can always expect 100% free U.S. shipping from us and discreet shipping. Take your time looking through their catalog of products and order a Flowermate vape today! Unable to decide between models? Reach out and let us help!

Who is Flowermate Vapes?

Flowermate Vapes is a brand created with a straightforward company objective: offer vapes that provide a premium experience while keeping prices accessible to the majority of consumers. While their historic focus has been dry herb and wax vapes, they have many vapes that can handle oils and e-juices as well, though you will not find compatibility with 510 threaded attachments, with the exception of the Hybrid X vape. There are all kinds of different choices to consider, so take your time shopping!

How to Choose Between Flowermate Vapes

Oil, Wax, or Dry Herb Vapes?

Flowermate offers dry herb vapes and wax vapes that can be fit to also handle oils and e-juices, so how do you choose? Waxes and dry herb vapes generally provide stronger potency and deeper flavor, whereas oil vapes are quick to heat, easy to vape, and come in a larger availability of brands and flavors. Flowermate offers models with different designs, features, and specialties that fit into all three of these vaping categories, so we will do our best to help explain the differences between these choices here.

Flowermate Dry Herb Vapes

Flowermate offers the largest variety of choices in the dry herb genre. It ranges from small, discreet pens, to mid-size vapes with flashy features, all the way to desktop models. Most of the dry herb vape choices, regardless of design or feature offerings, can be fitted with small vape tanks to allow for vaping of oils as well. It is like they are all 3-1 devices! Flowermate dry herb vapes can be as simple or complex as you want your product to be.

Flowermate Wax Vapes

Aside from the concentrate pods, Flowermate does offer a small line of vapes that specialize in waxes and oils. Between the three models, the COMPAX, the S30, and the S50, the primary difference is size, battery capacity, and LED features. The S30 and S50 look and feel very similar to other box mod vape batteries, though you compatibility with 510 threading will not be present. The wax attachments come equipped with quartz heating coils and mini bubbler attachments.

Flowermate Oil Vapes

As has been mentioned, the vapes that Flowermate offers that are compatible with waxes are also compatible with oils. This is done by exchanging the attachment with quartz heating coil with the attachment of a mini bubbler and titanium heating element. If you want a vape compatible with 510 threading, the Hybrid X sports that feature (as well as handling dry herb vaping).

Which Flowermate Vape is the Best?

With so many different models to choose from with so many different offerings, the best Flowermate vape will be the one that most specifically fits what you want from your vaporizer. If you are excited about dry herb vaping, it would be best to steer clear from the S30 and S50 wax pen models that do not support it. Likewise, if you want a lot of control over heating options, getting the simple SLICK vape pen will not satisfy nearly as well as the Flowermate V5.0S Pro.

Flowermate Coils and Vape Parts

Flowermate vape parts are easy to come by, and you can find all kinds of parts for several vapes right here on our site! Available parts include extra mouthpieces, additional concentrate pods, and metal screen filters to be used with dry herb vaping. The manufacturer also offers a library of extra bubblers and mouthpieces, though the heating coils in the wax pens are not exchangeable. If you like to tinker and experiment with your vapes, or be able to replace aging parts, the Flowermate brand is a great choice!

Flowermate Vaporizer V5 0S vs the V5 0S Pro

The Flowermate V5 0S vaporizer model of dry herb vapes has been some of the most popular with Flowermate. The original V5 0S offers full heating in 30-40 seconds, heat control indicated through LED lights, a small frame, and solid battery life. The V5 0S Pro displays information on an OLED screen, has a slightly faster heat time, and offer more precision in heating options. The Pro is a great step up if you want more precise heat control, though both are outstanding choices.

Flowermate V5 0S Pro vs Flowermate V5 0S Mini Pro

If you like what the Pro has to offer but it is just a bit too large, consider the Mini Pro. It offers several similar features (though it lacks an OLED display, it still has a digital display) and still allows for precision heating choices like the Pro does. The biggest difference is, of course, the size, as the Flowermate V5 0S Mini Pro is far more travel-friendly, but you do lose some battery life for downsizing. A fantastic choice if compactness and portability are key features for you!

Flowermate S30 vs Flowermate S50

These two vape models cater specifically to wax and oil vaping and are extremely similar. They both come with wax and oil attachments, both have an OLED screen displaying heating options, battery level, and wattage output, and both have 2200mAh batteries. The big difference is their wattage output, with the S30 capping out at 30 watts, and the S50 capping out at 50 watts. How much power you want will determine which model you buy!

Flowermate Hybrid X vs PureHit V1.0

Both of these vapes are built with handling different vaping products in mind but offer very different experiences. The Hybrid X has a dry herb heating chamber, but then a 510 threaded attachment where the including e-tank can be fitted. The PureHit V1.0 is a true pen but comes with several different chambers for oils, dry herbs, and waxes. The Hybrid X will be more discreet with a mouthpiece compartment, but the overall portability between the two is quite equal.

Where can I buy different Flowermate Vapes?

Several different models of Flowermate vapes can be purchased on this store, including the V5 0S Pro, the V5 0S, and the V5 0S Mini Pro. If a model that catches your eye is not immediately available on our site, let us know! We may be able to procure it for you, or we may begin carrying it in the near future. Remember, any parts or vapes sold through us have free U.S. shipping and come with a quality guarantee. Good luck shopping and grab a Flowermate vape today!