Flowermate mouthpiece

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The Flowermate V5 series vaporizer mouthpiece is made out of heat reducing silicone and has outstanding airflow. It'll NEVER get hot.  Vape users always get a clean and fresh vape hit from this silicone mouthpiece.  

Listing Includes

  • 1 Flowermate  V5 series vaporizer mouthpiece

Features and Specifications 

  • Made out of Heat Reducing Silicone
  • Mouthpiece is compatible with the V5.0, V5.0S, V5.0X, and V5.0S Pro 
  • Metal Filter screen installed at the bottom of the mouthpiece
  • Length: 1.25 inches
  • Two Colors Available: Black and White

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I use the Flowermate V5 series Mouthpiece?

  1. Using a Flowermate V5 series vaporizer is very easy.  First, load your dry herbs into the heating chamber.  
  2. Screw your mouthpiece on top of the heating chamber.  
  3. Turn on your Flowermate vaporizer.  When it reaches your desired temperature, you can begin vaping.  
  4. While the vaporizer is on, DO NOT unscrew the mouthpiece from the bottom.  The bottom of the mouthpiece gets VERY HOT.  If you need to unscrew it, make sure your fingers are holding the silicone part.    
  5. When you finish using your vaporizer, the Flowermate has a compartment to store your silicone mouthpiece.   

How do I clean the Flowermate Mouthpiece?

  • The metal filter screen at the bottom of the mouthpiece can easily get dry herb build up over time.  It's very important that you use a cleaning brush to wipe away the dry herb residue from the filter screen after you finish using the vaporizer.  
  • If you don't take care of your mouthpiece, you will need to frequently replace the metal filter screen or just buy a brand new mouthpiece.  

Why does the metal part at the bottom of the mouthpiece get so hot?

  • The metal part at the bottom of the silicone mouthpiece gets hot because it's being heated in the heating chamber.  The Flowermate V5 series heating chambers are like convection ovens.  The temperature can be as high as 420 degrees Fahrenheit.   If you ever want to unscrew the mouthpiece while using the vaporizer, you need to hold the silicone part with your fingers to unscrew it.  Some people want to unscrew the mouthpiece while using it to use their dab tool to mix the dry herbs around in the heating chamber.  PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHEN USING THE MOUTHPIECE.   

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