Convection Vaporizers

Convection vaporizers are a top choice when looking for a vaporizer for dry herbs. These highly popular devices vary in size and shape from large desktop units to small hand-held devices. Considered a true vaporizer, convection vaporizers offer a healthier option for partaking in dry herbs.

How to Choose the Best Convection Vaporizer?

To properly determine the best selection for a convection vaporizer, you need to determine how you plan to use it. Do you prefer a more portable and discreet option? Are you going to partake alone, or will there be multiple users at a time? Once you have figured out what your needs are, you can move onto more specifics for your convection vaporizer purchase. This includes common areas like what type of price range you are looking at, to more complex decisions such as the type of heating chamber material. To make things a little easier, here are a few primary points you will want to consider.

Heating Chamber Materials

Another option to keep in mind is the type of heating chamber you will want. Usually, models will offer either a ceramic or stainless steel option. While both materials can conduct a good amount of heat, they do have their differences. For instance, ceramic takes slightly longer to heat up. However, once it reaches the desired temperature, it maintains it better than stainless steel options.

Price Range

While convection vaporizers are more efficient, they also require a more complicated technology to create. Therefore, they tend to be a tad more expensive than combustion or conduction vaporizer selections. In order to make the right choice for your personal needs, you should always determine your price range prior to shopping for your device. This will help ensure you choose a vaporizer that falls within the budget you have without breaking the bank.

Vaporizer Size

Convection vaporizers are available in various sizes from vape pens to desktop vaporizers. While there are portable and discreet options (such as the E-CLIPSE dry herb vaporizer), the most popular models tend to be more stationary devices (like the Arizer Extreme Q).

Temperature Controls

Depending upon the convection vaporizer, the device you choose may have some form of a temperature control setting. In most cases, it usually has a three setting gauge featuring low, medium, and high-temperature settings. However, you can find convection devices offering more control over the specific temperature.

What is a Convection Vaporizer?

Convection vaporizers are one of three types of vaporizer options. Convection refers to the method for which your device heats the dry herbs or concentrate. The other two forms are combustion and conduction. While the other two options are still on the market, convection vaporizers are the default system you will generally see in devices on the market.

If you have ever paid attention to how a convection oven heats up meat, you will understand how a convection vaporizer works. Using a similar method to ovens, convection vaporizers are battery-powered, electronic devices that transfer heat by using hot air. When the hot air passes through the dry herbs, it releases the active ingredients.

As the temperature of the heat source raises, so does the temperature of the air within the chamber. Once it reaches the proper temperature, the active ingredients within the dry herbs will turn into a vapor. This vapor is what you will inhale when you take a hit.

Unlike combustion, this means the concentrate or dry herbs will never come into direct contact with the heating element. Since the dry herbs never touch the heating element, convection vaporizers provide a more thorough and even heating. This, in turn, creates a flavorful vapor without many of the toxins you would find in traditional smoke.

Why Do Users Prefer Convection Vaporizers?

While heating methods can come down to personal preference, convection heating offers a large number of benefits for users with virtually no drawbacks. While convection vaporizers are more expensive and take longer to heat up, you do not run into any issues of burning your dry herbs or concentrate. This is why so many vaporizers on the market tend to use some form of convection heating.

Why Buy a Convection Vaporizer?

When it comes to dry herb vaporizers, convection vaporizers are the preferred method. While other methods are not necessarily useless or bad, convection offers benefits you just cannot find in other types of vapes. These include (but are not limited to) healthier, more precise temperature controls, less risk for combustion, and more even heating.

More Accurate Temperature Control

Unlike combustion vapes, convection vaporizers provide a more accurate temperature setting. Since users have the option to control how much heat is generated, you can provide a more technical approach to your vaping session by generating the optimal temperature for your strains. Which will also provide you with a better and stronger flavoring to your herbs.

Convection Vapes Have More Even Heating

Since convection vaporizers use hot air (or steam) to surround and transfer the heat to the dry herbs, it produces a more even heating source. Therefore, your dry herbs will warm up proportionally. 

No-Risk for Combustion

Since convection vaporizers traditionally have a separate chamber for your dry herbs, there is no risk for your herbs to come into contact with the main heat source. Thus there is no possibility for combustion to occur.

Convection Vapes Are Healthier

Since convection prevents combustion from occurring, there is no smoke or ash to worry about. Convection vaporizers produce vapor (not smoke), so the chemicals produced from smoke and ash are avoided.