SteamCloud Box Mod

Vape Kit Options

The SteamCloud Box Mod Vape is small, discreet, and one of the most versatile vape mods on the market.  It can be used with dry herb, wax and eliquid atomizers.  You may buy the SteamCloud without any attachments for $59.99 or you can buy this mod with extra attachments. See below to learn about your atomizer attachment options:

  • e-liquid tank attachment is the Kamry X6 Plus
  • Wax Atomizer Attachment is the Yocan Cerum 
  • Dry Herb Atomizer Attachment is the Yocan 94F 

SteamCloud Box Mod Vape Kit Includes 

  • FREE USA Shipping - Priority and International Shipping Options Available 
  • 1x SteamCloud Box Mod 
  • 1x USB Charging Cable 
  • 1x Lanyard Necklace for hands-free action 
  • 1x User Manual 
  • 1x Protective Travel Case 
  • 1x Yocan Cerum Wax Atomizer (optional)
  • 1x Kamry X6 Plus E-Liquid Tank (optional)
  • 1x Yocan 94F Dry Herb Atomizer (optional)

Add On Options Include 

  • Kit + Dry Herb Attachment - Box Mod Vape with a Yocan 94F dry herb atomizer. 
  • Kit + Wax Attachment - Box Mod Vape with a White Yocan Cerum Wax Atomizer 
  • Kit + E-Juice Attachment - Box Mod Vape with a X6 Plus Atomizer

Important Note

Most people use eliquid atomizers with their box mod because the watt changing function is important to them.  For dry herb and wax users, the highest wattage you can do is 10 WATTS. As you increase the wattage from 10, you're increasing the chances of burning out the atomizer and making it defective.  

Features and Specifications 

  • The SteamCloud Box Mod can be used with just about any standard 510 atomizer for oils, wax, or dry herbs
  • Battery Capacity - 1600mAh
  • SteamCloud measurements: 54*30*22 mm
  • Working Voltage: 1.8 - 6 Volts
  • Output Power: 5~60 Watts
  • Atomizer Resistance:  0.15~2.5ohm (temperature sensing wire)
  • Temperature Limit:  200°F-600°F / 90°C-300°C

SteamCloud Box Mod Protection Features 

  • High-Temperature Protection - When the temperature is over 70°C while you're vaping, the box mod will stop and the screen will say SUPER SHORT.
  • Low Voltage Protection - If the voltage is set below 3.4 volts, the screen will say LOW BATTERY when you press the power button. When the voltage is lower than 3.0, the battery mark will keep blinking. 
  • Tank Short/Low Resistance - if the tank resistance is >0.05 and <0.10 the screen shows LOW LOAD. If the resistance is <0.05, the screen says ATOMIZER SHORT.
  • The box mod automatically adjusts to the proper voltage - the module has the function of improving voltage automatically when less than 3.4 volts

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I use the SteamCloud Box Mod?

  • Turning the device ON/OFF - Quickly press the power button at least 5 times to turn the box mod ON. Repeat that same step to turn it OFF. 
  • Adjusting the mode: To change the mode setting on the screen, press and hold the + and - buttons at the same time. To select the mode, press the power button once.
  • Adjusting the Watt: Press the + or - button to adjust the vape battery wattage.

How do I use the Yocan 94F attachment with the SteamCoud Box Mod?

  • Screw the Yocan 94F atomizer to your SteamCloud Box Mod.
  • Turn on your SteamCloud and set the wattage as high as 10.  You can try a lower wattage if you think the vape coil is heating at too high a temperature.  
  • Press and hold down the power button and after 2 seconds, begin inhaling.

How do I use the Yocan Cerum Wax Atomizer with the SteamCloud Box Mod?

  • Screw the Yocan Cerum Wax Atomizer to your SteamCloud Box Mod Vape. 
  • Turn on your SteamCloud by clicking on the power button 5 times consecutively. 
  • Set the wattage as high as 10 watts. You can try a lower wattage if you think the vape coil is heating at too high a temperature. 
  • Press and hold down the power button. After 2 seconds, you may begin vaping. 

How do I use the X6 Plus Atomizer with the SteamCloud Box Mod?  

  • Screw the X6 Plus Atomizer to your SteamCloud Box Mod.
  • Turn on your SteamCloud box mod.  You can set the wattage between 5 and 30 watts. If you go over 30 watts, you may run the risk of burning your coil or damaging the flavoring of your vapor. 
  • Press and hold down the power button and while holding the button down, you can simultaneously start inhaling.  Make sure the cotton inside the atomizer is wet, otherwise you will take a dry hit and you will have a very uncomfortable cough.

How to Charge the SteamCloud Box Mod?

  • First, plug the charger into any kind of power source, such as a laptop, car charger, or AC wall adapter. 
  • Next, plug the micro USB into the charging port of the box mod vape battery. 
  • When plugged in correctly, the screen will turn on and display some information such as the current wattage setting and the battery meter. 
  • The battery meter will fluctuate up and down to indicate that it's charging. 
  • When the battery meter stops fluctuating and shows a full charge, it means your box mod is 100% charged.  

How to Clean the Steamcloud box mod

  • Cleaning your box mod is very easy. All you need is a Q-TIP and rubbing alcohol. Make sure to dip your Q-TIP in the rubbing alcohol and then clean out the 510 thread battery connection part. This is very important because if eliquid/concentrates continue to get inside the port, your vapor quality will gradually diminish.

Why Use Temperature Control on the SteamCloud Box Mod Vape?

  • Temperature control is great to use if you vape ejuice. It’s a technological solution for dry and burnt hits. It also creates a consistent vape experience while taking longer drags because the temperature stays the same instead of getting hotter and hotter. You can set the desired temperature yourself, which is in the range of 200F to 600F. The power sent to the coil then automatically adjusts to keep the coil – and your vape – at the chosen temperature.

How Does Temperature Control on the SteamCloud Box Mod Vape Work?

  • You can use temperature control mode without knowing why or how it works. That being said, temp control works because the metal of certain coils predictably increase their resistance as they heat up. There’s a coil inside your tank or atomizer that has a resistance, which – if you use any regulated mod – is shown on the screen generally with a “Ω” sign.
  • When you vape with Kanthal (the most popular vape wire), that resistance value doesn’t change. That’s a particular property of Kanthal: its resistance is static regardless of its temperature.
  • For temperature controlled vaping, you’ll use wires that have a known resistance-increase as its temperature rises. The mod checks the resistance of the coil at room temperature, then it continues to monitor it as you vape. The resistance change is converted into a temperature increase and the mod adjusts its power to maintain the chosen temperature.
  • When using an oil cartridge, you don’t need to use the temperature control mode. It’s better to use the standard power mode. You must make sure to start with the box mod at the lowest wattage setting and then slowly increase if you want to take more powerful hits. Just remember that if you go too high, you can burn out the coil.

What Does Check Atomizer Mean on the Box Mod Vape?

  • If you turn on the box mod and then press and hold the power button, the display screen will say "Check atomizer." In this case, it means you need to attach a compatible atomizer to make sure that the box mod will work. As soon as you put an oil cartridge or atomizer on the box mod, it should stop showing "check atomizer." 
  • Typically check atomizer means that you're having a short circuit issue with the connection between the battery and atomizer. There are several things you could do to identify the issue.
  • First, make sure the connection between the atomizer and battery is clean and there is no debris in the way. You could also try using a tweezer to push up the pin on the battery. After many uses or frequently over tightening the coil, the pin on the battery can be pushed down, making the connection to the atomizer weaker.
  • If the connection points are clean and connected properly, but your battery still says check atomizer, you can try your battery with other vape tanks to see if they work. If they do, then it’s a defect vape tank you’re dealing with. If none of the vape tanks work, it’s a problem with the battery. It’s more likely though, that it’s a vape tank problem and not a battery problem.
  • When there’s a short circuit problem with vape tanks or coils, it’s either a problem with the electronic pole in the atomizer or the 2 coil wires inside it that connects to the pin. If the coil wires happen to touch each other at all, the coil won't work at all.
  • Short circuit issues are something that rarely happen, but in the event that it does, please take a video and send this to our support team so we can further identify the problem. After we review the video, our support team will work on resolving this issue as quickly as possible. 

What Does High Atomizer Mean on the Display Screen?

  • High atomizer means that the resistance on the atomizer is too high for the box mod. You can try to lower the box mod to the lowest watt and try again, but if the display screen continues to say high atomizer, it means the resistance on the atomizer is too high and you need to use a different atomizer with the box mod. High Atomizer does NOT mean there's a problem with the box mod. 

Why buy the Steamcloud box mod?

  • The SteamCloud Box Mod is a powerful vape mod that can accommodate an assortment of atomizer attachments. From the Yocan 94f to the Cerum, from the Kamry Zealot to the X6, this box mod can vape them all. The 510 threading and the adjustable wattage settings allow you to vape eliquids, herbs, and concentrates the way you want.