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When looking for vapes that mix of quality products at accessible prices, Boundless is a fantastic choice. Their mix of reliability and affordability has made them an attractive choice to many distillate and dry-herb enthusiasts alike. Any Boundless vape models bought on this site (as well as any other vape or product) come with 100% free shipping and discreet packaging, ideal for shipping straight to your home!

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Boundless Vapes is a relatively new company on the vaping scene. Founded in 2016, it was created with a singular mission in mind: raise awareness of what vaping has to offer, both for recreational and therapeutic use, and to offer access to these vaping options at affordable prices. They specialize in dry herb vaping, wax vaping, and hybrid vapes catering to both. They have several models from which to choose, especially within the dry herb vaping category.

How to Choose Between Boundless Vapes

Oil, Wax, or Dry Herb Vapes?

While Boundless has the most variety within their dry herb categories, they also offer a handful of great wax vapes options. Choosing between a dry herb or wax vape is largely a matter of preference as to which product you want to vape more of (or, if you cannot choose between the two, they also have a hybrid vape that can handle both!) Boundless does not make any oil vapes, so that should help you be able to narrow down your options.

Boundless Wax Vapes

Boundless offers two models of wax vapes, the CF 710 Dab Pen and the Terp Pen. While features vary between the two models, they both sport an exposed coil style. This allows the coils to be placed directly on your distillate of choice and take a draw.  This removes the need for a dab rig or even a wax vape with a complex heating chamber. One of the easiest ways to vape wax or other distillates. Both pens are superb options for simple, easy wax vaping.

Boundless Oil Vapes

Boundless offers only one vape model that is compatible with vape oils, the CF Hybrid. As the name implies, it can not only handle 510 threaded skinny cartridges but can also be used to vape dry herb AND wax concentrate. If you think you may be a little interested in all three major realms of vaping, the CF Hybrid can save you the trouble of having to research, find, and buy three separate vaping devices.

Boundless Dry Herb Vapes

The vast majority of what Boundless offers are dry herb vapes. While their vapes come with different designs and features, they all have a similar aesthetic. They are built to be easy and comfortable to hold and their design allows them to be used very discreetly. Their price ranges have a wide range appealing to a variety of customers. If you are interested in a Boundless Dry Herb Vape, let us know and our customer service will help get it to you!

Which Boundless Vape is the Best?

Though the models of vapes offered by Boundless vary greatly in what they offer, the best vape is going to be the vape that fits most comfortably into your vaping lifestyle. Getting a CF 710 will be disappointing if you want to also vape dry herb. Likewise, If you want all the bells and whistles of a high-end dry herb vape, you might be let down if you get a simpler vape like the CFV LITE. In the end, the best vape is up to your preference.

Boundless Coils and Vape Parts

Depending on what model of Boundless vape you buy, you may or may not have luck in getting replacement parts. It is relatively easy to get replacement coils for the CF 710, and most of the dry herb vapes have chamber screens and cleaning accessories available. Several models also sport removable batteries, which will come in hand for long vaping sessions. Some of their vapes, like the Terp Pen, did not appear to have any available parts at all. Be sure to research before purchasing!

Boundless CF 710 vs Terp Pen

Both of these vapes are nectar collectors, with the main difference being size and power supplied between the two. The Terp Pen is very thin and meant for easy travel, whereas the Boundless CF 710 sports larger coils, a larger battery, and a faster heat up time. They both offer fantastic wax vaping experiences, and both are ideal for beginners with their nectar collector design. The CF 710 is a little easier to find, and the power and quality of vapor it provides will attract veterans and beginners alike.

Boundless CFC vs Boundless CFC Lite

Both of these dry herb vapes were designed with discretion and portability in mind. The CFC and CFC Lite are designed to easily fit in the palm of your hand. As the name implies, the CFC Lite is slightly slimmer than the CFC, but the CFC sports a battery that is nearly three times as large (800mAh vs 2200mAh). The CFC also has more precise heating controls over a large range, whereas the CFC Lite offers heating variability but only through three preset heating options.

Boundless CFC vs Boundless CFC 2.0

What improvements did Boundless make to the updated version of the CFC dry herb vape? The CFC 2.0 still offers full heating control like the CFC, but the model has been slightly modified for a sleeker, more discreet look and improved airflow. More importantly, an LED screen has been added to the 2.0, conveniently displaying information like the battery level and current heating setting. All of those improvements with a very modest price increase makes the CFC 2.0 a tantalizing upgrade from the CFC.

Boundless CFX vs Boundless CFV

Both the CFX and the CFV are fantastic dry herb options for those that want precision heat control during their vaping sessions. They both sport LED screens displaying information including battery level and current heat setting and both allow for a large range of heat customizations (the CFV allows 140-446 F and the CFX allowing 100-430 F). The CFX has a single 2200mAh battery, while the CFV has dual 1700mAh removable batteries). Both pens offer very similar experiences, the choice will largely be a decision of what style you prefer.

Where to buy Boundless Vapes?

Currently, we offer the CF 710 Wax Vape Pen, one of their most highly rated products, right here at our store! Other Boundless Vapes can be purchased directly from the manufacturer. Remember, any model of Boundless vape (or any vape we offer) undergoes several different quality assurance checks, so you can be sure the models we offer are the cream of the crop of the brand! If you find a specific model you want, let our customer service know and we will do our best to help you get it!