Boundless CF 710 Dab Pen

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The Boundless CF 710 Dab Pen is one of the most unique and convenient wax vaporizers on the market. Instead of loading wax into the wax atomizer, the heating element of the Boundless CF 710 faces downwards and you can dip it into wax and simultaneously inhale. No more using dab tools, getting your fingers sticky, or having difficulty loading your wax atomizer. Get this portable dab pen now and you can conveniently dab wax on the go. 

Boundless CF 710 Dab Pen Kit Includes

  • FREE US Shipping - International Shipping Available 
  • 1x Ceramic Coil Heating Tip 
  • 1x Quartz Coil Heating Tip 
  • 1x Dab Tool 
  • 1x USB Charging Cable 
  • 1x Boundless CF 710 User Manual 

Features and Specification  

  • Excellent Airflow for Dabbing Wax
  • 900mah Battery 
  • 5 Second Heat-Up Time 
  • Compact 5.5 inch Design 
  • Made of High-Quality Stainless Steel 
  • Portable and Very Easy to Use 

Frequently Asked Questions 

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