SteamCloud Box Mod Vape Review

The vaping industry continues to grow and become one of the most popular trends among enthusiasts, and this has resulted in a wide array of vaporizers to choose from. There are more options for vaping now than there has ever been before, and it can be difficult to find the right tool among the sea of options available today. With the popularity of vaping wax, e liquids, and dry herbs growing, it makes sense to want a piece that can handle all of these materials. The SteamCloud Box Mod is one of the most versatile and handy vaporizers you can own and can handle either e liquids, wax concentrates, and even dry herbs. As long as the cartridge you are attaching has a 510 attachment, it is compatible. It is also compatible with dry herb vaporizer attachments that make it one of the most versatile box mods available.

You can easily customize your vaping experience with the SteamCloud Box Mod by SteamCloud Vapes. No matter whether you have a favorite brand of cartridge you like to vape or want to experiment with the large variety of 510 compatible cartridges on the market, this box mod can get the job done. With great battery life, portable and convenient design, and smooth clouds, both newcomers and veterans alike will find the SteamCloud Box Mod to be a favorite. This vaporizer is most known for its use with e-liquids and giving great, smooth tasting hits, but it handles wax and dry herb cartridges just as well as any other box mod on the market.

 What's in the Kit?

What Comes in the Kit? 

The kit you get includes everything you need to get started, including the box mod itself, a USB charging cable, a lanyard for hands-free transportation, a user manual, and a protected travel case. After charging the box mod, you can put it right to use easily and quickly.

Why Buy the SteamCloud Box Mod?

There are a lot of reasons to buy the SteamCloud Box Mod. The main draw of this powerhouse vaporizer is its versatility - it can handle nearly any cartridge or attachment with ease without sacrificing any taste or quality in the process. Most box mod vaporizers are not compatible with as wide of a range of attachments and cartridges as SteamCloud’s model, making it hard to enjoy and experiment with the wide variety of options on the market today. You can enjoy your favorite e juices and wax cartridges because the SteamCloud box mod works with any atomizer that fits the 510 attachment slot. In addition, this box mod is one of the smallest and most portable available with dimensions of 54mm x 22mm. Don’t let this small size fool you, though - this vaporizer still packs quite a punch and provides clean and full-bodied rips no matter what type of liquid or dry herb you are burning.

The design of the SteamCloud Box Mod is also one of its most attractive features. It has a very clean and sleek black appearance that is fun to use and looks great in any collection. You can also customize how the mod works so it vapes just how you prefer it to. Its temperature can be set to any specific temperature you like, and the wattage output of the device can be set to your preferences as well. This helps you be better able to dial in the perfect temperature for each cartridge or juice you use and get the most out of your favorite flavors. Its battery life is also top of the line. It is a 60-watt device that comes with 1600 mah battery capacity that will easily last you all day on a full charge.

One of the best features of the SteamCloud box mods are the protective features they have put in place to make sure you never have to worry about a dud rip. These features include protecting against a low tank, low voltage, high temperatures, and also low resistance. This means that the vape will alert you to certain conditions if there is something wrong. For example, if the voltage is below 3.4V before you hit it, the vape will make you aware of this by flashing the battery light. In addition, if your vape is too hot the screen will flash letting you know this. Hitting the box mod when it is too hot could cause damage and a bad tasting hit. The mod’s protective features make it a vape that has much longer longevity than most other products that do not feature these careful considerations and is even more reason this vape has become so popular.

 How to Use the SteamCloud Box Mod

How To Use The SteamCloud Box Mod

The SteamCloud box mod was built with the user in mind and is very simple and straightforward to operate. The charger for the box mod is USB compatible and must be attached to a power source. The battery indicator on the screen will let you know it is fully charged when the icon stops blinking and displays as full. To turn the device on or off, simply push the power button five times in a row. When you do this you should see the screen light up or shut down to indicate it worked. The + and - buttons on the side of the device are used for two purposes. One is to adjust the wattage output of the device and switch between the different modes that control this. The other function of these buttons is to adjust the temperature to taste when using new cartridges and flavors. We recommend sticking with the lowest wattage settings initially and adjusting the temperature to your preference with each product you use, unless you know the wattage you need for your favorite products would be better off at one of the other wattage options. Feel free to experiment with different wattage settings and voltages for the different cartridges you use to find the most ideal settings for you.

Attaching and removing atomizers and cartridges is very simple, just carefully and gently screw in the 510 into the hole on the box mod. Make sure to not screw them on too tight as this can damage the wiring of the atomizer, but do not leave it too loose or you will not burn the concentrate completely. 510 attachments are extremely simple and the industry standard nowadays, just be sure to use care when screwing and unscrewing and to keep the area around and inside the connector clean and free of debris when switching out attachments.

 Troubleshooting Tips

Troubleshooting Tips

One of the most important tips for using a box mod is to make sure you are using compatible cartridges and attachments. Always be sure to check the resistance of the attachment and make sure it is the correct range, You can find this range in your user manual for reference. If you use something that isn’t, you risk doing permanent damage to the atomizer and lowering the lifespan of the box mod.

If you want the battery to last as long as possible, make sure you turn it off in between sessions and don’t just leave it on all day. This only takes a couple of seconds and is a great way to make sure the battery retains its potential and lasts you for you as long as possible. 

As we have mentioned, we recommend starting out at the lowest wattage setting and adjusting upwards to taste. This will help you get a better feel for the full range and the differences they make on your favorite flavors. This also helps to keep your atomizer safe and running at its best for a long time. While the SteamCloud box mod is a very sturdy and portable, care should be taken to keep the screen safe and the attachment sections clean and free of debris. If you end up cracking and breaking the screen, you won’t be able to see important info about the temperature, wattage, and battery life of the vape anymore and it will turn into a guessing game that won’t be any fun to play. Keeping the attachment and screw area of the device clean will help to get you like-new and great tasting hits all the time. Over time, wax or e juice buildup can accumulate around this section, and by simply wiping it away (without letting any moisture reach the atomizer or battery) you can make sure it doesn’t become damaged or lose any power throughout its lifespan.

 Is the SteamCloud Box Mod Right for Me?

Is the SteamCloud Box Mod Right For Me?

Finding the perfect vaporizer for your tastes is a hard job and really comes down to your personal preferences. The SteamCloud box mod offers a versatile vaporizer that gives you the best of all that modern vaporizers have to offer with temperature ocntrol, universal 510 threading, and the option to use dry herb, wax, or e-liquids. Whether you are a newcomer to the space or are looking for a sleek new piece to try out, the SteamCloud Box Mod is a well-made vaporizer that can fit even the pickiest standards. It has a lot more versatility than most vapes which make it perfect for anyone, even those who have very specific tastes when it comes to vaping. It also is very durable and even comes with travel casing so you can transport it with you on any trip without worrying about causing damage. If you like portable and discrete box mods that work with nearly all of your favorite cartridges and attachments, then this box mod, by SteamCloud Vapes may be the perfect choice for you.

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