Atmos Jr Vape Pen

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The Atmos Junior Vape Pen used to be sold under this listing, but we have now decided to only carry the AGO Jr Vape Pen for Wax and Dry Herbs.  The AGO Jr is the same exact vape pen as the Atmos Junior.  The only difference is that the Atmos Model has the "Atmos" logo on it.  Read more about our AGO Junior Vape Pen below.

Kit Includes

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  • 1x Rechargeable battery
  • 1x Ceramic heating chamber
  • 1x Chamber connector
  • 1x Packing tool
  • 1x USB adapter
  • 1x Silicone mouthpiece
  • 1x Silicone Dab Container 

Be sure to check our Dry Herb Grinder.

Features and Specifications 

  • Made for vaporizing wax and combusting/vaping dry herbs
  • Amount of vapor with herbs (using glass screens) = low/medium (requires proper glass screen technique, see instructions below)
  • Amount of vapor with wax = medium
  • Amount of combustion (not using glass screens) = low/medium (must not overpack the chamber)
  • Flavor of vapor = minimal

Instructional Video

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get the Best Hits From a Atmos Jr Vape Pen

Vaping Dry Herbs

To create vapor with dry herbs, you'll need to make use of the glass screen filters included with your order:

  • Place 1-3 glass screens directly onto the heating coil (works best with 2 or 3).
  • Grind your herbs and place a pinch or two onto the glass screen (check out the grinder available at our site)
  • If you're using just 1 glass screen: Begin heating the chamber and start slowly inhaling almost immediately. If you wait too long, you may combust.
  • If using 2-3 glass screens, you'll lessen the risk of combustion, but it increases how long you must heat the chamber.
  • Continuously heat the chamber for 10-20 seconds. You must bypass your battery's automatic shut-off (which occurs after about 7 seconds) by releasing the power button just before the battery shuts off, then rapidly press and hold it again
  • After about 15 seconds, slowly inhale. You should inhale vapor (which you can taste and see when exhaling)
  • If you produce combusted smoke, try using more glass screens or powering the device for less time
  • If you don't produce any vapor, try using less glass screens or powering the device for longer
  • For help, check out the tutorial video below

Combusting Dry Herb

  • For the best results, finely grind your herbs--check out the grinders at our site
  • Pack a modest amount of dry herbs into the chamber. Try not to overpack, or you will disrupt the airflow and overwhelm the heating coil, which reduces your hits
  • Press and hold the power button. Wait for about 3 seconds to let the heating coils get hot. Then, slowly inhale. 
  • It may help to tap the side of the chamber in between hits to shuffle non-combusted herbs onto the coil.
  • Remember, the most important part is to pack a modest amount. Over-packing will overwhelm the coils.

Vaping Wax Concentrates

  • Place a small amount of your wax concentrate inside the heating chamber, directly onto the coil. The more solid the wax, the better. Try to avoid excessively gooey oils. ALSO, remember NOT to use the glass screen filter
  • Press the power button to heat up the coil
  • The hot coil will melt the wax into oil and vaporize it
  • Inhale slowly and Enjoy!

How to clean the atmos jr vape pen

  • If you're using the Atmos Jr vape pen for dry herbs, cleaning is very easy. All you need to do is use your dab tool to stir the used dry herbs and then it will easy empty. If you want to clean the chamber, you can use a cleaning brush to scrape out the residue that's stuck on the wall of the heating chamber. To clean the mouthpiece you can use your cleaning brush or soak your mouthpiece in alcohol for a few minutes. Then use your cleaning brush to scrub off any remaining residue. 
  • If you're using the Atmos Jr vape pen for shatter or wax, cleaning is a bit more difficult. The best way to clean the heating chamber is by continuously heating your vape coil so that you've burned off all the residual concentrates. DO NOT use rubbing alcohol to clean the coil. You can damage it. Cleaning the mouthpiece can be a bit frustrating too. First, take off the silicone mouthpiece. Then use your dab tool to scoop out any wax residue. You can reuse it in your heating chamber. After scooping out as much as you can, use your cleaning brush to scrub off the rest. If you're still having issues, try putting it in a pot of boiling water. Leave it in there for five minutes. Finally, use your cleaning brush to scrub off the residue.

Why buy the Atmos jr vape pen?

  • The Atmos Jr is a compact and discreet vape pen. This vape pen can handle dry herbs as well as wax, and despite it's small size, it can rip hard. This vape is a great value for what it delivers.