TruVa Herbal Vaporizer by Kind Pen

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Quick Review

  • LIFETIME WARRANTY (the last vape you'll ever need to purchase)
  • 3x Temperature Settings: 320° F, 374° F, and 446° F (absolutely no combustion)
  • Stainless steel chamber and aluminum exterior
  • Holds up to 0.8 grams, but will produce vapor with lightly packed chamber

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Please be advised:

  • Vapor is not as thick as smoke. If you want smoke, you don't need a vaporizer.
  • Vapor from herbs is not as thick as vapor from e-cigs and e-liquid. They are two different types of vapor.
  • Thank you for making an informed purchase decision.



The TruVa Herbal Vaporizer by Kind Pen is an incredible vaporizer. Taking many design cues from the ever-popular Pax, the TruVa is small, lightweight, portable, and built with solid, high-quality parts. But unlike the Pax (and many other vaporizers), the TruVa can reach temperatures up to 446° F (producing the maximum amount of vapor with no combustion), and comes with a serial number to register for the Lifetime Warranty

What's Included in Your Package

  • 1x TruVa Herbal Vaporizer
  • 1x LIFETIME WARRANTY serial number
  • 1x Travel charger
  • 3x Silicone mouthpieces
  • 2x Cleaning brushes
  • 3x Spare silicone o-rings
  • 1x Packing tool
  • 1x Instruction manual

Turning Your TruVa On

Press the power button 3 times rapidly to turn the device on. The light will flash light-blue to indicate it is powering on

Setting the Temperature

  1. After turning the device on, the device will automatically start heating up to 320° F
  2. Press the power button 3 times rapidly to increase to 374° F (blue), and 3 more times for 446° F (red).
  3. When the power light stops flashing and remains solid, the device has reached the temperature and you are ready to begin vaping

Getting the Best Vapor

  1. Make sure to completely dry your herbs. 
  2. Grind your herbs finely for better vapor production. Try our 4-part grinder and storage container.
  3. The more you pack, the more vapor you'll get. Just make sure not to block the mouthpiece airholes with herbs


Stainless Steel Heating Chamber