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Dry Herb Grinder with Kief Catcher

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Why Use a Dry Herb Grinder?

Most dry herb vaporizers work best when the herbs are finely ground. The Dry Herb Grinder will help you effortlessly grind your herbs for vaporization in a matter of seconds.  


Herbs before grinding

Herbs before grinding


Herbs after grinding

Herbs after grinding


Using the Grinder

  1. Pull off the magnetic cap.
  2. Place your herbs into the top chamber around the "teeth"
  3. Place the cap back on.
  4. Twist the cap from side-to-side, allowing the teeth to slice and grind your herbs. (Works best while holding device sideways or upside-down)
  5. Ground herbs will filter through the top chamber and stay stored on the screen in the second chamber.
  6. Herbs that a ground to an extremely fine powder will sift beneath the screen and into the bottom chamber.
  7. When enough finely ground herbs filter to the lowest chamber, you can use the scrapping tool to remove the contents if necessary. This material is the most potent.


Tip: For best results, hold the grinder sideways or upside down (with the Vape Vet logo on the top facing the ground) when grinding your herbs.



Material: Metal

Pieces: 4 (top, grinding chamber, top storage chamber, and bottom storage chamber)

Color: Black

Size: 2 inches x 1.5 inches



Dry Herb grinder parts (magnetic cap, grinding chamber, top and bottom chamber)


Grinding teeth finely grind herbs

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