Micro Vape Pen Travel Kit

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The Micro Vape Pen Travel Kit is one of our best portable dab pens. It's sleek, stylish, and comes with three extra ceramic rod coils.  We have 10 different colors to choose from and shipping is FREE too. 

Kit Includes

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  • 1 Micro Vape Pen equipped with a ceramic rod coil
  • 3 extra ceramic rod coils
  • 1 dab tool with no-stick cover   
  • 1 silicone wax container
  • 1 retractable usb charger
  • 1 a/c wall adapter
  • 1 user manual
  • 1 matching travel case

Features & Specifications

  • for use with wax concentrates
  • Heating Elements (atomizer/coils): Ceramic rod wrapped with a nickel alloy coil
  • Vape Pen Length x Width: 4 inches x .625 inches
  • Travel Case Length x Width: 6 inches x 2.5 inches

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How to use the micro Vape Pen:

  • Press the power button 5 times consecutively to turn the vaporizer On/Off.
  • Take the mouthpiece off the vape pen so that you can see the ceramic rod coil.  
  • With a dab tool or your fingers, gently place a small ball or piece of wax at the center of the coil.  DO NOT Over-Pack or put too much downward pressure on the coil.
  • Attach the mouthpiece back on the coil.
  • If your vape pen is already powered on, press and hold down the power button to heat the coil.
  • After two seconds, begin vaping your wax and make sure to keep your vape pen in a vertical position. 


  • YOU MUST make sure to BE CAREFUL when cleaning your micro vape pen.  The best way to clean your vape coils is to keep heating up your coil to burn off the shatter or crumble residue.  Overtime, there will be some residue that's really hard to burn off.  At that moment, you can decide to buy a new quartz rod coil or keep using the current one, but UNDERSTAND that the coil won't produce the optimal taste.  That's just the way it is with wax vape pens.

How to Charge the micro Vape Pen:

  • There is a micro USB charging port on the bottom of the vape battery.  Plug the micro USB charger into the charging port.
  • Plug the other end of the charger into a power source - you can either use a USB port on a computer or use the wall adapter to plug into a wall socket.
  • While charging, the red light on the bottom of the vape battery will light up.
  • When finished charging, the red light will shut off.
  • The Battery takes about 2 hours to charge.
  • DO NOT leave your vape pen charging for longer than needed - especially do not leave the battery charging overnight.

Micro Vape Pen Tips

  • Always keep your micro Vape Pen upright (vertical).  Shatter and other wax concentrates is very gooey and does not flow like a liquid would.  But when wax is heated, it becomes fluid-like.  After use, if you place the micro Vape pen down sideways, the wax may spill out of the coil towards the mouthpiece and leave you with a gooey mess.  Even on a hot day in the sun, if you leave the vape sideways, your wax will leak from the coil to the inner part of the mouthpiece.  
  • Always test your coil before loading wax into your vape pen.  If you do this, you may end up saving yourself a small dab of wax one day. The ceramic rod coils are great and of upstanding quality, but wax is a messy product and it works its way into the coils. In time, the coils will burn out and you'll need to replace them.  Nothing is worse than loading a coil that doesn't even work!

Benefits of the micro Vape Pen 

  • Portability:  You're not going to walk around town taking dabs with your rig. You can sprinkle some wax in your jay, but if you're only using wax and you're on the go, a portable vape pen is the best solution.
  • Great Taste:  The micro Vape Pen utilizes ceramic rod coils as opposed to the original wick coils. The wick has been said to impact the taste where the ceramic leaves you with a more pure vapor.
  • Sharing:  The micro Vape Pen travel kit comes with 5 mouthpiece sleeves so you can share with friends and family.
  • Amazing Color Choices:  When you choose your micro Vape pen color, you can select any color you want. Look at all our options and you can buy a vape to match any outfit you wear to a party.


  • The ceramic rod coils help pull a delicious taste from your concentrates and the portability of this vape is unmatched. Because of it's small size and portability, it's also super discrete and convenient for when you're trying to vape in public. The travel case also helps prevent any damage to the vapes.