Quartz Rod Coils

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Quartz rod coils are top of the line for wax vape pens such as the original Micro G pen, Pocket Vape, Atmos Thermo, and Cloud Vape.  Shatter and Crumble work perfectly with these vape coils.  It provides a smooth and fresh taste.  

Listing Includes

  • 3 Quartz Rod Coils 

Features and Specifications 

  • Funnel Style Ceramic Interior will make loading your shatter or wax much easier.  It also helps make the cleaning process easier too.     
  • Quartz Rod makes the taste of the vape hit very pure.  
  • Vape Coils are Compatible with the Following Vape Pen Brands: 
    • Original Micro G Pen 
    • Cloud Vape 
    • Atmos Thermo 
    • Pocket Vape 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to use wax coils

  • Wax coils are simple to use.  Make sure to firmly press the coil into the battery.  Next, turn on your battery and hold down the power button.  If you see the quartz coil heat up, it's ready to be used. 
  • Once you know the wax coil works, take a dab tool and load your shatter or wax into the coil.  The ceramic interior is designed so that you can wipe the wax onto the ceramic part.  That way you don't need to make direct contact with the quartz coil.  
  • After loading your wax put the mouthpiece over the coil.  Hold down the power button and after two seconds you can take your vape hit.
  • Keep in mind that the power automatically shuts off after 8 seconds.  Some people prefer to hold down the button for a few seconds to get the coil to heat up.  Then they let go of the button and quickly hold down the button again to keep the heat going.  That's a method to take a longer vape hit.  It's all up to the user and what they prefer to do.  

    How to clean wax coils

    • Cleaning wax vape pen coils are never easy.  The best way to clean your quartz rod coil is to continuously heat up your coil so that the wax residue burns off. Some people lightly blow at the coil too while it's heating.  You can't use a Q-TIP because if you poke at the quartz rod, you can potentially damage it and have to buy a new one.

    What's the difference between Quartz Rod and Ceramic Rod?

    • There isn't a major difference between Quartz Rod and Ceramic Rod Coils.  Its mostly just about preference.  When wax vape coils first came out, people were using wick coils.  After a couple of years, companies started producing ceramic rod coils.  Then after six months to a year of making ceramic rod coils, Quartz rod coils came out.  So it's all about how the wax atomizer technology evolved.  People generally prefer the quartz rod coil because of the taste and the ceramic funnel style dish inside.  The ceramic interior makes loading and cleaning the wax coil very easy.  If you check out our ceramic rod coils,  you have to rely on the side of the metal walls to load your wax.  In terms of cleaning, it's not too bad, but there seems to be more residue left over compared to using the quartz coils.  

    How often do I need to buy a new wax coil?

    • This is a very common question people ask.  It really depends on a lot of different factors.  If you're using the wax pen every day multiple times per day, then after 6 weeks, you may want to buy a new coil.  In this case, it's not a matter of it working or not.  It's the flavor.  As you keep using your wax coil, the flavor will be less and less fresh because of the residue that stays on the coil.  If you use your quartz coil once a week.  Then your coil will last for a very long time.  If you want your coil to last as long as possible, make sure to burn off as much residue as possible every time you have a vape session.  
    • There is another reason why people want to buy a new coil.  If you're always laying your vape pen down on its side, you're running the risk of the wax residue slowly leaking out.  That will only happen if you just used your wax pen and the coil is still hot.  It also happens in cases where the temperature outside is really hot and it'll heat the wax residue to the point that it can leak into the mouthpiece or onto the base of the wax coil. 

    Why Buy quartz rod coils?

    • These Quartz Rod Coils can fit into many different types of vapes so you wont have to worry too much about compatibility surprises. It's always good to have extra coils in case you run out mid vape session. It's also good to upgrade a wick coil to a quartz rod coil atomizer as the taste is better and you get more out of your concentrates.