Micro Vape Pen Starter Kit

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Pink Camo
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The Micro vape pen starter kit comes with a ceramic coil for wax use only. They come in a variety of colors and it's one of the best cheap vape pens for sale in our online vape store. Use the hard travel case for on the go vaping.

Micro Vape Pen Starter Kit Includes 

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  • 1x Micro Vape Pen 
  • 1x Dab Tool with no stick cover 
  • 5x Mouthpiece Sleeves 
  • 1x USB Cable 
  • 1x Black Hard Travel Case 

Features and Specifications 

  • Vape Pen is equipped with a ceramic rod wax coil 
  • Other Coil Attachments can be purchased and used with the vape battery 
  • Length - 4 inches 
  • Battery Capacity - 360mAh
  • 8-second auto-shutoff safety feature
  • Easy to Use 
  • Comes in a Variety of Colors 

Frequently Asked Questions  

How to Use the Micro Vape Pen

  • The Micro Vape Pen is very easy to use. First, remove the mouthpiece. Next, use the dab tool to scoop a small piece of wax and gently place it on top of the ceramic rod coil. DO NOT POKE AT THE COIL or you may run the risk of damaging it. 
  • Once you've placed your wax concentrates on the coil, you can put the mouthpiece back on. After that, press the power button 5 times consecutively to turn the device on. 
  • Then while holding down the power button, you may begin inhaling your wax vapor. 
  • After using the vape pen, make sure it's always standing upright. If you lay it on its side, you will run the risk of wax leaking into the mouthpiece. 

How to Clean the Micro Vape Pen

  • If you want to keep your micro vape pen clean, we suggest you always burn off the remaining residual wax when your vape session is over. That way you prevent any resin build-up on top of the coil. 
  • DO NOT USE CLEANING AGENT to clean your coils. These are electronic devices and you will run the risk of damaging the coil. 
  • The ceramic rod coils are the most replaced part to the vape pen. Use the dab tool to scrape off any resin that sticks to the walls. Again, wax concentrates are a very messy substance. So you want to do your best to keep it as clean as you can. 
  • If you want to clean the mouthpiece, you can clean it with hot water or isopropyl alcohol. Use a paper towel to wipe off the inside. 
  • The vape battery doesn't need much cleaning. Just make sure that the connection points don't have any debris on it.  

Why Buy a Micro Vape Pen?

  • The Micro Vape Pen Starter kit is perfect for anyone that's looking to start vaping wax concentrate. It's also a great vape pen for those who are on a low budget. You can choose from a variety of colors and bring this vape pen anywhere with you, especially with the hard travel case.