Female Ceramic Dab Nail

Domeless Nail Options

This female ceramic nail fits all of silicone dab rigs up to 14mm. These high-quality ceramic nails have higher heat retention than quartz and provide a very smooth flavor. Get one of these female ceramic nails now so you can take delicious dab hits. 

Female Ceramic Dab Nail Listing Includes 

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  • 1x Female Ceramic Nail 

  • If you purchase the dab set, a silicone dab container and stainless steel dab tool is included too. 

Features and Specifications 

  • For use with Dab Rigs 
  • Made of High-Quality Ceramic 
  • 18mm Female Domeless Nail
  • Fits 14mm and Smaller Male downstems
  • Height - 2inches 
  • Higher Heat Retention Than Quartz 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Use a Female Ceramic Dab Nail?

  • Domeless Nails are mainly used with dab righs. First, make sure that this female ceramic nail fits a dab rig with a male downstem that's 14mm or less. 
  • Once you have the ceramic nail locked onto the dab rig, you may begin heating it with a butane torch lighter. Once it gets red hot, you may let it cool down for 15-25 seconds. 
  • While the Nail is cooling down, use a dab tool to scoop up a small glob of wax concentrates. if you are more experienced, then feel free to scoop up as much as you'd like. 
  • Once it's been 15-25 seconds, put your mouthpiece on the mouthpiece and simultaneously inhale while twirling the wax around the top of the domeless nail. 
  • When you feel like you have burned of all the wax on the tool, use a carp cap to cover the domeless nail so you can get an even more optimal dab hit. 

How To Clean a Female Ceramic Dab Nail?

  • Cleaning female ceramic nails is very easy. First, they are dishwasher safe. If you want to use boiling hot water to remove more residue you can try that as well. Isopropyl alcohol can help remove the residue too, but we can't promise that the ceramic nail will turn back to the color white. 

Why Buy a Female Ceramic Dab Nail?

  • Ceramic domeless nails taste the best and have higher heat retention than quartz nails. It's durable and easy to clean too. If you own a dab rig with 14mm or less male downstem joints, then this is the nail for you.