Storz and Bickel

Want a vape that looks and feels just a bit different? The Storz-Bickel brand might be what you want! From amazing desktop vapes to high-end handhelds, Storz-Bickel certainly is not like a vape you have used before. Buy one today and get free U.S. shipping and discreet packaging. Read below to see what sets Storz-Bickel apart!

Who is Storz And Bickel?

Getting their start all the way back in 2000, Storz-Bickel made a name for themselves with the Volcano, an outstanding desktop vape known for extreme ease-of-use and high-quality vapor. They have continued on the tradition of high-quality desktop vapes, but have since branched into handheld models as well. Their vapes are specialized for dry herb use, though concentrate pads are included so oils and waxes can be used as well. For an interesting, easy, and amazing vaping experience, Storz-Bickel should be on your shopping list!

How to Choose Between Storz-Bickel Vapes

Oil, Wax, or Dry Herb Vapes?

Most of the vape models that Storz-Bickel offer are going to specialize in dry herb vaping but will come with concentrate pads that can be used to vape your preferred oils or waxes. The real deciding factor will be the preferred model you want; a desktop or handheld that needs to be plugged in, or more traditional mobile vapes with rechargeable batteries? We will give you a nice overview of what Storz-Bickel has to offer.

Storz-Bickel Dry Herb Vapes

As we have said, Storz-Bickel vapes cater to dry herb vaping the best. Their desktop vapes, the Volcano and Volcano Digit, use a balloon mouthpiece to ensure that all the vapor  produced is captured, not to mention precise heating controls. The Mighty and the Crafty portable vaporizer are the traditional handheld vapes, and the Plenty is a unique hand-held wall plug-in model that is able to crank out vapor with no problem. For dry herb vaping, Storz-Bickel stands out with unique design and vapor quality.

Storz-Bickel Wax Vapes

While none of the Storz-Bickel vapes have wax vaping as a design leader, each model comes with concentrate pads that allow waxes to be vaped in the devices. It is a great way to be able to experience the unique offerings of what Storz-Bickel brings to the table while still enjoying your favorite concentrates. For a brand that is more specifically catered towards wax vaping, consider Yocan vapes, which have dedicated much of their product line to producing great wax vapes.

Storz-Bickel Oil Vapes

The story here is the same as it is with the wax vapes. None of the vapes Storz-Bickel provides are specifically geared towards oil vaping, though the included concentrate pads can be used to vape thicker oils. If you are interested in a brand with a more dedicated focus to oil vaping, we suggest starting with SteamCloud Vapes, which has an enormous line of products with oil vaping as their specialty, such as the SteamCloud Mini 2.0. Their models and features span the gamut of traditional vaping offerings.

Which Storz-Bickel Vape is the Best?

We mentioned before that the deciding factor in which Stroz-Bickel vape is best will come down to model design and feature offerings. If you want a more traditional style vape, then the desktop models and the Plenty, which require outlet plugins, will disappoint. Likewise, if you love the idea of the patented balloon vapor mouthpiece on the Volcano and Volcano Digit, then steer clear of the other models that rely on more traditional vaping methods. Decide which vaping experience you want and then shop away!

Storz-Bickel Coils and Vape Parts

There are quite of few vape parts that can be purchased with Storz-Bickel vapes, specifically in regards to their mouthpieces. They offer a “solid” and “easy” valve as well as a number of metal filters, maintenance tools for the easy valve, as well as extra concentrate pads. Storz-Bickel has made it easy to get the spare parts you need in a vape as well as additional parts to vary your vaping experience. The easiest place to find these parts are directly from the manufacturer.

Storz-Bickel Volcano vs Storz-Bickel Volcano Digit

The Storz & Bickel Volcano and Volcano Digit offer nearly identical vaping experiences, with the main difference being the range of heat offered and displayable information. The Volcano is their original product, so while it still holds up well, it lacks some of the modern features of the Digit. This includes an LED display and more precise temperature controls, though the top range of heat is equal between the two. Both are fantastic products and deserve your consideration as desktop vapes!

Storz-Bickel Mighty vs Storz-Bickel Crafty

Looking for something more portable? The Mighty and Crafty have got you covered. They both offer a fantastic dry herb vaping experience and both can use concentrate pads for waxes and thick oils. The Mighty has an LED display that allows for precision heat control and information display. The Crafty is smaller (essentially a Mighty Mini), and lacks an LED display. However, it is compatible with a sister-app for smartphones that allows precision heat control. The choice comes down to size and convenience, so which will you choose?

Storz-Bickel Crafty vs Pax 3

Both models are priced at premium levels, so how do they compare? They both can be controlled via a sister app and both allow for precision heat control through the app. They both can use concentrate pads to vape waxes, but the Pax 3 pads are sold separately. The Pax wins with a huge, long lasting battery that also charges far more quickly than the Crafty. They both are compact and very discreet and use hybrid heating technologies. Both provide a fantastic vaping experience and are worth picking up today!

Storz-Bickel Crafty vs DaVinci MIQRO

DaVinci is another vape brand that made a name for itself in the premium sector of vapes, so how do the two compare? Both offer custom heating controls, but the Crafty and its use of app controls allow those heating options to be far more precise than what the MIQRO offers. However, the MIQRO boasts an all-ceramic vapor path for clean flavor, something the Crafty cannot claim. Both are small and portable and travel well, though the battery life of the DaVinci MIQRO is far superior.

Where can I buy the different Storz-Bickel Vapes?

You can buy the Crafty right here at our online store! We offer a quality guarantee on any product bought through our store and offer free U.S. shipping no matter what! If a Storz-Bickel model has caught your eye and we do not carry it, let us know! Customer interest is what drives our inventory, and we may be able to help get your hands on it. Grab a Storz-Bickel vape and enjoy the unique experience that they offer!