PuffCo is one of the premier names in wax vaping. They offer truly unique desktop dab rigs with designs you will not find anywhere else in the industry, as well as wax pens that are sleek, discreet, and powerful. If you want one of the best names in concentrate vaping in your hand, then PuffCo is the obvious choice. Take a look at our available PuffCo products and experience wax vaping like you never have before.

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How to Choose a PuffCo Vape?

PuffCo specializes in high-end concentrate vaping. Instead of offering a large catalog of products to choose from, they have instead poured their expertise into a small handful of options. You will choose between two kinds of vapes: the Peak, which is a powerful desktop vape, and the Plus, which is a high-end portable vape in a more classic pen style. Do you need discrete portability or a powerful, full-featured device?

Types of PuffCo Vapes

PuffCo offers to major kinds of products: the Peak and the Plus. Each of these devices, while great for vaping concentrates, offers very unique pros and cons. We will take a closer look below at each device:

PuffCo Peak

The PuffCo Peak is what put PuffCo on the map. It has four unique heat settings, as well as a “sesh” setting to allow the device to be shared among users. It will also detect the current heat present in the nail and will change the wattage output so each draw you take is the same every time.

The Peak heats quickly, reaching the set heat in around twenty seconds. It will also charge quickly, too, reaching a full charge in about two hours and lasting around 30 dab sessions. The Peak communicated through LED lights and features water filtration for extra smooth hits.

It should be noted that, while this device is large, it can be used on the go. The battery is rechargeable, so if you have a safe and easy spot to get it out, the Peak will perform just fine on the road. 

PuffCo Plus

The Plus is a sleek, modern-looking vape pen that is perfect for discrete, on the go use for concentrates. The heating element is a ceramic bowl instead of coils, so the Plus will never burn or scorch your concentrates. The mouthpiece is like a miniature Swiss Army knife, as it is a carb cap, loading tool, and splash guard all build into one little space. The Plus supports three different heat settings and also supports the “sesh” mode that is found in the Peak.

What is a PuffCo Vape?

PuffCo vapes are dedicated to concentrate vaping. You will not be able to use e-juices or dry herbs with these, nor will these devices support attachments that can make use of them (as opposed to a box mod, which can support several different kinds of tanks and attachments.) PuffCo not only specializes in concentrate vaping, but they specialize in high-end vaporizes for concentrates. That means each of their products is full-featured, powerful, and specifically made to get the best flavor possible out of concentrates.

Why Buy a PuffCo Vape?

If you want a high-end concentrate vaporizer, you will have a hard time finding a better option than the PuffCo vape. Even though there are only two major kinds of products, they each cover nearly all the wants a beginning or veteran user would want. The Peak offers power, speed, and uses water filtration to get the best possible flavor. The Plus is small, discrete, easily-portable while still having plenty of features to satisfy most customers. The Plus is also simple enough that most beginners would feel comfortable using is right away!