How to Choose an Herb Grinder

Although herb grinders are an easy product to use, it can be difficult deciding which herb grinder you should purchase.  The reason is that people have different preferences when it comes to grinding their dry herbs.  Some people prefer to buy a small two piece grinder because they can quickly grind it up and load their dry herbs into their vaporizer or glass pipe.  Then there are others that want a 4 piece grinder with a kief catcher because they want to be able to finely grind their dry herbs and collect their kief over time.  Kief is very important because you can sprinkle it on top of your dry herbs and get more flavor and a better feeling when inhaling it.  It’s hard to give suggestions on which herb grinder you should buy, but we can tell you that the most popular herb grinder purchased at Vape Vet Store is the Sharpstone Grinder with a hand crank.  Our customers tell us it’s because the size is suitable and the kief catcher screen is great quality.


The Vape Vet Store Offers the Best Herb Grinders for Sale!

Herb Grinders are becoming more and more popular, especially since dry herb vaporizers came out several years ago.  We have some of the best herb grinders for you to choose from here at The Vape Vet Store. We have a variety of different 2 piece and 4 piece grinders.  Below is some quick information about each of them.  That way you know which one is more suitable for you.  

The Silicone Grip herb grinder is a great quality 4 piece grinder with a kief catcher. The main reason why people like this grinder is that there is a silicone grip.  It makes grinding dry herbs significantly easier.  

Our Dry Herb Grinder with Kief Catcher has a hand crank on top that will help grind your dry herbs easily.  It's made by the Sharpstone grinder brand and has a top quality screen so that your kief catcher store only fine crystals at the bottom.  The storage capacity is more than the Silicone grip herb grinder.  

The Sharpstone Grinder with Clear Top is another great quality 4 piece grinder.  The top of the herb grinder has strong magnetic functionality and razor sharp teeth that can grind up your dry herbs very quickly.  We carry this herb grinder in gray and silver too.    

Our 4 part 55mm herb grinder is your typical 4 piece grinder that people have used for many years.  You can buy it under its own product listing or you can purchase it with any dry herb vaporizer sold in our store.  The filter screen is great quality helping the kief catcher save only the finest crystals that go to the bottom.     

The 2 part Sharpstone grinder is a very small grinder that you can easily carry in your pocket.  There is no kief catcher attached to this one, but this particular grinder is really used for quickly grinding up dry herbs to smoke a blunt or to vape dry herbs. Why save the kief when you can just smoke it with your dry herbs?