Dr. Dabber

Dr. Dabber is a wonderful, high-end brand for vaping your favorite oils, waxes, and dry herbs. Their hybrid devices can switch between whatever you want to vape at the flip of a switch, and their devices run the gamut of being budget-friendly or packed full of incredible features. Be it a portable pen or a dab rig, Dr. Dabber is going to have a product that you will absolutely fall in love with!

How to Choose a Dr. Dabber Vape?

Dr. Dabber vaporizers specialize in concentrate and dry herb vaping. Before you begin shopping, it is best to think about what kind of vape you want. Do you want one that can handle both dry herb and concentrate, or are you only interested in concentrate vaping? Do you want a large, desktop set up, or do you need something that is small and portable? These questions will help you eliminate a lot of choices to make choosing a Dr. Dabber vaporizer easier!

Types of Dr. Dabber Vapes

The catalog from Dr. Dabber is a bit smaller when compared to other brands, but the quality that shines through what they offer is matched by few. Take a look at the products that put Dr. Dabber on the map below!

Dr. Dabber Switch

The Switch is THE vaporizer from Dr. Dabber. It is their bread and butter, and for good reason, too! The Switch, as the name implies, supports both concentrate and dry herb vaping. However, you do not need to exchange attachments or accessories to do this. Instead, you flip a “switch” on the device and it is prepared to vaporize whichever you have chosen! It is one of the easiest hybrid vaporizers available on the market.

The Switch offers other impressive features. It comes to heat in about four seconds, meaning you can start vaping in a hurry. The battery also offers quite an extended life (around 150 uses per charge), and it only takes an hour for the Switch to reach maximum charge! While it is most comfortable on a firm surface, the impressive battery life does allow the Switch to be used on the go pretty easily. The Switch also makes use of a glass percolator, meaning you can recreate a traditional dab rig experience perfectly!

Dr. Dabber Boost

The Boost is dedicated solely to concentrate vaping and does an amazing job at it. The Boost is essentially an e-nail (electric dab nail) but it includes everything you need in a traditional dab rig set, including a water percolator! The Boost heats in about 25 seconds and will turn off on its own after non-use. It includes several different kinds of nails, like quartz, ceramic, and titanium, which lets you find your perfect dabbing flavor! The Boost is also easily portable, making it another great option to use while away from home base. The Boost is a true all-in-one electric dab rig!

Dr. Dabber Aurora

The Aurora is a dab pen, meaning it is much smaller and compact than the Switch or the Boost. If you want to dab while in tight quarters or more discretely, the Aurora is going to be a great option. It supports variable voltage options and several different kinds of atomizers, helping you get your perfect flavor. The Aurora reaches heat in about five seconds and will come with everything you need to get started vaping (aside from your concentrate, of course).

Dr. Dabber Ghost

The Ghost is another vape pen option from Dr. Dabber specializing in flavor. Instead of getting the heating elements red hot as fast as possible, the Ghost slowly brings your concentrates to heat, eliminating the scorched flavor that many vaporizers give off. If flavor is your number one priority in a dab pen, then the Ghost is an easy choice to make.

Dr. Dabber Light

If you need something a little smaller and a little more discrete than the Ghost, then the Light is your go-to. It still offers the same kind of dedication to slow-burning flavor like the Ghost does, but the Light does it in a much smaller, more compact body. If you need both flavor and discreteness, the Light is a great choice.

What is a Dr. Dabber Vape?

Dr. Dabber has primarily dedicated itself as a dabbing vape brand. With the exception of the Switch, which supports both dry herb and concentrate vaping, The Dr. Dabber brand is synonymous with quality, as they have shown again and again that its vaporizers produce some of the best-tasting vapor on the market. They have two portable tabletop vapes and two dab pens currently in production, all of which are focused around making sure you get the best flavor possible.

Why Buy a Dr. Dabber Vape?

Well, do you want your dab vapor to taste good? Getting a Dr. Dabber vaporizer essentially guarantees you are already going to produce some of the best-tasting hits available from any vaporizers on the market. They are also surprisingly user-friendly (even the Switch, their most complicated device), making these devices attractive to both beginner dabbers and veteran users alike.