Combustion Vapes

Combustion vapes are different than other forms of vaporizers because they combust (or burn) the dry herbs by using direct contact between the dry herbs and the heating element. In most cases, combustion vapes tend to be on the smaller side, and are in some form of a vape pen. Often thought of as a portable pipe, combustion vapes are a popular choice for dry herb users.

How to Choose the Best Combustion Vape?

Although combustion vapes tend to be smaller than other vaporizers, there are still plenty of designs to choose from. Like other dabbing, smoking, and vaping devices, personal preferences can play a key role in your purchase. Other important areas you need to consider include your budget, chamber size, and durability. Here's a list of dry herb vaporizers to help you get started.

Vape Budget

Before you start shopping around for your favorite style combustion vape, you should always determine what your budget will be. Vaporizers come in a wide range of prices, and no one likes to get their heart set on a specific device just to find out it is out of your price range. By determining your budget ahead of time, you can save yourself both time and heartache by avoiding items that do not fall within your budget.

Heating Chamber Size

The chamber size of the combustion vape plays an important role in your smoking session. If you choose a smaller chamber, you will be required to load your devicemore often. On the other hand, bigger chambers allow users to get larger and more powerful hits.

Vape Durability

One of the most important things to check on any type of smoking or vaping product is the durability. While vapes have been on the market for quite some time, it does not mean there are not flimsy design out there. This is especially true for those who use vape pens on a daily basis. While there are options that will last, you have to understand not all brands and designs are created equal and you need to determine if the offered durability will work with how often you plan to use your combustion vape.

What is a Combustion Vape?

When it comes to vaporizers, your device will fall into one of three categories. These include combustion vapes, convection vaporizers, and convection vapes. Combustion vapes tend to be less expensive than other dry herb vaporizers and offer a simpler technology.

Combustion vapes are different than other forms of vaporizers because they are not a true vaporizer. This type of vape produces smoke, not vapor. However, they are still considered to be vapes due to the similarities in both portability and style.

Combustion vapes are used by grinding dry herb flowers into a fine powder and packing the ground-up powder into the chamber. The same chamber where you place the ground up herbs also contains a hot coil. When the combustion vape is turned on, the coil inside of the chamber will heat up. Once it reaches the proper temperature, the coil will burn the dry herbs creating smoke (not a vapor).

Unlike other types of vaporizers, combustion vapes can be modified to produce a more vapor-like effect. To do this, you simply place a glass screen over the heating element prior to placing your herbs in the chamber. The dry herbs are then placed directly onto the glass screen. While this can help prevent combustion, since combustion vapes do not have any type of temperature gauge, there is still a chance for combustion to occur.

Why Buy a Combustion Vape?

While combustion vapes may not meet the criteria to be a true vaporizer, these small and compact devices are still a very popular form for smoking dry herbs. The benefits of these small devices tend to outweigh any negatives a user may have. These advantages can include (but are not limited to) portability, reliability, affordability, and the ultimate dry herb smoking experience.

Vape Portability

Due to their small, compact nature, combustion vapes are traditionally some type of a pen shape and require very few parts. This makes them the ideal vape for traveling, with most able to be discreetly placed in your pocket, purse, or luggage.

Very Reliable

One of the most popular reasons dry herb enthusiasts love combustion vapes is their reliability. Combustion vapes work well in virtually any environment, even windy, humid, and wet conditions.

One of the Most Affordable Vapes

Since combustion vapes tend to be on the smaller side, they do not require as large a battery as other vaporizer options. The lithium-ion battery is generally somewhere in the range of 600 to 800 mAh (or milliamp Hour).

Offer a Real Smoking Experience

Another popular reason for using a combustion vape is it offers a true smoking experience to users. Unlike other conduction or convection vaporizer options, combustion vapes can offer thick, solid hits (something you just cannot find in devices considered to be true vaporizers).