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How to Choose an Aspire Vape?

Though Aspire is a relatively new brand in the vaping world, it has already established itself as one of the most reliable brands on the market. Its product selection is a bit more limited than other more established brands, but what they offer is fantastic. Even though you have less to choose from, you still need to think about what you want out of a vape. The best Aspire vaporizer is the one that best fits your lifestyle!

Types of Aspire Vapes

For a new brand, Aspire still has an impressive catalog of products to choose from. We have hand-picked some of the most popular for your consideration. Take a look and see which one might be the best vape for you!

Aspire Breeze

Being true to its name, the Breeze is a “breeze” to you. A simple all-in-one vaporizer, it is ready to use right out of the box. The only thing you need is your preferred e-juice or vaping liquid. The Breeze is small and does not even have buttons! It uses an auto-fire feature, meaning it begins to produce vapor when you draw a hit! The Breeze is powered by a 650mAh battery, making it a great traveling vaping buddy. It is available in several different colors.

Aspire AVP Vape

The AVP is another great little all-in-one vape that is perfect for easy travel and easy use. Very similar to the Breeze, it features auto-fire, so there are no power buttons or power settings you need to be concerned with. The internal tank is refillable, and the AVP is powered by a 700mAh battery. It is also available in a wide variety of different colors!

Aspire Puxos with Cleito Tanks

Aspire is known for its great tanks and vaporizers, and you will often see them sold as a vaping kit. One of their most popular is the Puxos battery and Cleito tanks. The Puxos battery provides the power and features you need to customize your vapor just the way you like it. The available batteries vary in specific features, (you can choose up to three different kinds of Puxox models, each using a different battery type). The Puxos is loaded with safety features and an OLED screen that gives valuable information and warnings.

The Cleito tanks offer easy top-filling designs and feature airflow customization. They are also designed with 510 threading, so if you love Cleito tanks but not Puxos batteries, you can be flexible! They can hold up to 3mL of liquid, meaning you will not need to refill the tanks often.

Aspire Tigon Vape

The Tigon is the perfect choice if you love power and features but do not love the boxy design that usually accompanies box mods. Using a traditional pen-like design, the Tigon delivers power and performance. Both the output voltage and resistances are changeable, and the whole kit is powered by either a 2600mAh or 1800mAh battery (you get to choose between models). The refillable tank features an easy top-fill design, too. The Tigon is a pen vape that packs a punch!

What is an Aspire Vape?

Aspire vaporizers specialize in using e-juice or vape liquid to create thick, tasty clouds of vapor! Aspire uses a variety of different designs to help meet the varying lifestyles of its customers, including powerful box mods, pen vapes, all-in-one vapes, and others. They also design high-quality tanks that are compatible with most of their battery line.  

Why Buy an Aspire Vape?

Aspire is a high-quality, trustworthy brand that will provide you with an excellent vaping experience. The brand offers vaporizers that meet all kinds of vaping lifestyles. There are simple, easy to use vapes for those that do not like or want more advanced features. There are full-featured box mods, and there are even powerful vape pens if that is your preferred design. An Aspire vape will last you a long, long time, and you will get to experience for yourself how Aspire has managed to cultivate such a loyal following in such a short amount of time!