Titan 2 Vaporizer is the Best Convection Vape under $60

As with most dry herb vaporizer pens, it is often difficult before purchase to determine whether the vaporizer you’re getting is really worth the money that you’re paying. After all, it’s helpful to try on a shirt before buying it, so that you know whether it fits.

The same is especially true of vaporizers. Without testing a vape pen out before purchase, it is not often easy to determine whether a particular vape’s specifications are right for you.

Thankfully, there are a number of portable vaporizer pens out there that are 100 percent reliable, a list that is pretty much topped by the Titan 2 Vaporizer. The specs -- specifically, its “true” vaporization, portability, temperature settings, and customizability -- have cemented its status as one of the truly best vape pens on the market today.

Titan 2 Vaporizer on the Beach

Heating Method

One of the primary things that make the Titan 2 so attractive to consumers is its vaporization method.

Some vapors rely on combustion heating, which is a fancy way of saying that the substance being imbibed comes into direct contact with the vaporizer’s heating element and is essentially burned. This produces smoke that is then inhaled by the consumer, in what is a decidedly straightforward and low-tech affair.

Vaporizers that use convection ovens adopt a more advanced approach. Instead of coming into contact with the herbs, atomizers with convection ovens instead heat air that passes through the herbs and absorbs their greeny, high-ish essence. This air then becomes the “vapor” that we have come to know and love.

“True” vaporization is somewhat harder to come by than a simple combustion oven, which explains why most convection ovens are more expensive than their combustion counterparts. Convection vaporization is also easier on the user’s lungs, since the user is not inhaling many of the carcinogens that accompany smoke.

In addition to the major perk of its convection oven, the Titan 2 also has the added benefit of being able to be customized to vape other substances besides dry herbs. A canister -- sold separately -- enables the consumer to vape oil. The possibilities are limitless!

In order to turn it on, all it requires is five quick successive clicks of the power button. All that is then left to do is to adjust the temperature setting to your liking -- more on that later -- and you’ll be vaping away in under a minute.

Apex Pen 2.0 Mouthpiece


Another major plus to the Titan 2 is its portability. Many vaporizers on the market tend to be large -- we’re looking at you, Mr. Volcano -- and thus are not amenable to bringing out of the house.

The past decade in vaporizer technology has changed all of that. The more portable combustion vape pens -- such as theMicro Vape pen or theAtmos Jr. -- revolutionized vaping by making vapes more portable and user-friendly.

The Titan 2 represents the next step in the trajectory: An easily transportable convection-oven vaporizer. It is not only lightweight; it is also just six inches tall and is designed in a square shape. The shape prevents it from rolling around -- or potentially rolling off something -- when it is set down.

The portability of the Titan 2 lies not just in its compact size. Because it utilizes convection oven technology, the vape does not leave a traceable smell. (This is in contrast with vapes equipped with a combustion heating element, which produces a fair amount of smoke.) As a result, you’ll be able to vape in public without most people knowing what you’re up to.

One word of caution: While the simple five clicks to the power button that activate the vaporizer may be convenient, it may also lead to the vape turning on in your pants pocket without your knowledge. Take precautions to protect your vape against this phenomenon, as doing so will save you a considerable amount of time, battery life, and precious herb.

Digital Vaporizer Screen

Customizable Temperature

One of the primary features of the Titan 2 is actually quite simple: It allows you to adjust the temperature to however you want it.

This was not always a new phenomenon. A generation of vapes that came before the Titan 2 did not provide temperature settings as an option; instead, they offered one uniform setting that the consumer had better grow to like, or else they’d wind up feeling disappointed.

The next generation of vapes improved upon this area. The predecessor to the Titan 2 -- simply called theTitan 1 -- came equipped with three color-coded temperature settings: Consumers could adjust between blue, purple, and red -- as indicated on an LED screen -- that demonstrated the hotness of the temperature at which the herbs were being heated.

The Titan 2 makes things even more customizable. Instead of being limited to toggling between three discrete settings, consumers now have the freedom to choose a temperature anywhere from 200°F to 428°F. (If our math is correct, that represents a 760% increase in temperature customization over its predecessor.) The temperature -- along with the vape’s battery life -- is displayed on a small LED screen.

The ideal temperature setting depends mostly on the taste of the person doing the consuming. A person who is looking to extend their vaping time and their stash of herb will want to keep things at a lower setting. (The lower settings are also ideal for those who are not wishing to get really high from the vape, but rather a gentle buzz.) Depending on the temperature, the vape can take anywhere from 45 to 90 seconds to heat up.

Battery Power

The final standout feature of the Titan 2 is its battery. At 2200 mAh, the vape has the capacity to easily last for a full day's worth of low-temperature vaping without running out of battery. This is an impressive feat, since the Titan 2, as mentioned previously, relies on convection-oven technology, which saps battery life at a faster rate than does combustion.

That large battery does have one downside: The Titan 2 may take anywhere from 3-5 hours to recharge. Still, that’s not a bad tradeoff for a vape that will essentially do everything else for you.

To Sum Up: The Titan 2 is an easily-portable and -customizable convection-oven vaporizer pen that is a must-have for any vaping aficionado.  Go to VapeVetStore.com if you want to learn more about the other best dry herb vaporizers available.  If you want to read more vape reviews and guides, continue reading articles in our Vaporizer Learning Center

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