Sharpstone Vibrating Herb Grinders Help you Collect the Most Pollen

Grinders have always been used to get the most out of your herb – this one is no different in that most basic of functions. However, the vibrating grinder provides the user with an important advantage – you can focus on pollen production like nothing else. Each user is different, however, if you are interested in maximizing pollen production a vibrating grinder is your choice.

Top Attribute Vibration

Top Herb Grinder Attribute – Vibration

A vibrating grinder allows you the same amount of grinding capability as any other – you are grinding your herb to maximize your smoking potential. However, the potency of pollen cannot be understated. Most importantly, a vibrating grinder provides you with the action you need to maximize the amount of pollen that is going to end up in your bottom chamber. For those that love the potency of pollen as well as the beauty of having your herb ground up in a single place without worrying about losing any of it to the ground, etc the vibrating grinder is your grinder. Imagine how wonderful it is to know (not guess) that you have removed all the available pollen from your herb to save for a rainy day or to add just the kick your party needs.

Quick Grinder Specs

Quick Grinder Specs:

  • Vibration Function optimizes pollen collection
  • Pollen scoop
  • High-Quality aircraft grade aluminum with an anodized finish
  • 55mm Diameter x 57mm Height

How to use the Vibrating Grinder?

As noted before, this grinder is meant to maximize your pollen production. You cannot allow yourself to look at this grinder and think that there is any other purpose than to maximize pollen as well as to grind your herb into a useable form. Do not be discouraged – this grinder does what it is supposed to do and then some. Essentially, you go through the same process as any other grinder. You load your herb into the top chamber and then you begin to grind the herb into a usable form. However, there is a change – you can now press a button to cause the grinder to vibrate ever so slightly. This process shakes down the pollen from the herb chamber into the catcher – and maximizes the amount of pollen that would be caught in a way that simply shaking your grinder will not do. Where you can easily shake a normal grinder and hope that your pollen all ends up in the bottom chamber the movement of mixing everything simply will not cut the mustard – you need the micro vibrations provided by this grinder to ensure that even the smallest molecules of pollen make their way to the catcher while all the other herb ends up in the top chamber where it belongs.

Maintaining and Cleaning the Vibrating Grinder

Most, if not all, grinders are not difficult to maintain. The hardest part, in fact, is simply making sure that everything remains clear enough to operate. The maintenance for this grinder is just about the same as any other – keep it clean and devoid of gunky buildup and you will be rewarded with some of the best smoking experiences of your life. The important deviation is that a vibrating grinder requires you to maintain an energy source (in this case a battery) to ensure that your vibrating function is not without juice. All in all, this grinder does not require much more maintenance from other grinders except that you simply need to be able to keep a steady source of batteries (which isn’t difficult if you have other batter-operated electronics).

Is It Right For Me?

Is the Vibrating Grinder for me?

Do you enjoy pollen? Do you like to be able to maximize the amount of pollen you are getting from your herb? Well then, the vibrating grinder is the best choice for you. You shouldn’t have to feel as if you need to shake your arm off your socket if you want to get the very most amount of pollen from each batch of herb you have. Besides, in the 21st century we have access to all sorts of ridiculous luxuries – the vibrating grinder is the least expensive and extravagant option you can find for yourself. If you find yourself willing to spend copious amounts of money ensuring your smoking experience is worthwhile on glass and other products, a vibrating grinder is going to be the least expensive addition to your wonderful collection.

Grinder vs. Fingers

Grinder vs Fingers:

Do you really want to hand-grind your herb? Do you really think that it is worth shaking your grinder until eternity in order to get the most pollen? If you answered no to both these questions you have pretty much sold yourself a vibrating grinder. These items are exceptional, worthwhile, and will be the envy of your friends.

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